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Get Nintendo Switch Vibes to your Tablet with Lenovo’s Lavie Mini Laptop

Lenovo’s Lavie Mini Laptop in tablet mode gives a Nintendo Switch feel.

Lenovo’s latest mini-sized laptop is here. ‘Lavie Mini,’ as it is rightly called, has been designed to play a dual role here, designed after Lenovo decided to team up with NEC Corporation based out of Japan. Now, speaking of the dual role, the device can be used in two modes. While it can be used as a normal laptop, what may sound a little unbelievable here is that the laptop can also act as a gaming console when linked to an appropriate controller.

Taking a first look at the Lavie Mini can remind the viewers of a traditional netbook with a display screen measuring 8 inches. However, this can also take the form of a tablet having touch-screen controls. Now how is this possible? Well, the Lavie Mini has been blessed with a hinge that can rotate at a 360-degree angle, thereby making a tablet out of a laptop.

When can Lavie Mini be equivalent to a gaming console?

Once the Lavie Mini has taken the form of a tablet, the user can choose to attach a gaming controller to the device (which is completely a personal choice) and can use it for playing PC games. Lenovo went on to say, “The controller comes with all the functions you’d expect and in a familiar gaming layout, including immersive vibrations, left/right trigger buttons, and analog thumbsticks.”

Games that are usually available and downloadable on PCs can be played on the device. When the device is in this form, the user could feel as if he is playing on the Nintendo Switch console. 

Other features and specifications

Although the Lavie Mini may not be big, it does not mean that its hardware design specifications are not strong enough. The device can be set up with many powerful processors consisting of high configurations. It can even go on to house the Core i17, the 11th generation mobile processor of Intel, which is equipped with a GPU built using Iris Xe Graphics.

Some other interesting hardware aspects are equipped within the Lavie Mini. The Windows Hello technology can be instigated within the device with the help of an infrared camera embedded on the laptop. The Lavie Mini also boasts of a RAM capacity of about 16GB and an SSD storage capacity of about 256GB. It also comes with a Wi-Fi 6 modem.

Apart from the specifications mentioned above, a WUXGA display panel is coming with a resolution of 1900 x 1200. An HDMI port has also been fit within the laptop to get its complete benefits. 

Although the Lavie Mini could resemble a Nintendo Switch, it is much heavier than it. The Lavie Mini weighs about 1.28 pounds, minus the Joy-con controllers. On the contrary, Nintendo Switch weighs only about 50% of the Lavie Mini.

Beyond the information stated above, Lenovo has given no clue regarding Lavie Mini’s launch date. However, by all means, there are high chances of this laptop-cum-gaming console to pop its way out to the CES event that is slated to be held next week. More details would emerge with time.

Image source: TheVerge

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