Glasgow School, infested with Bed Bugs is now installing Washing Machines to kill them

Washing Machine to kill Bed Bugs Image

The St. Bride’s Primary school in Govanhill has been long affected by pests due to which the Glasgow City council has said to install free-to-use washing and drying machines in the school in upcoming months. Through this facility, the main problem of bed bugs could be solved as the local people in this area do not have access to such facilities, which had earlier caused such problems.

It is not yet known that what would be the timing allotted for the local people to use the washing machine and dryer but the council has said that the timings would be flexible for all. The council has been trying to solve the problem of pest issues for quite some time and this step has been taken to provide proper hygienic conditions for the people living in here.

As schools play a vital role in Govanhill, the washing machines and dryer are being installed here. As stated by a council spokeswoman, “Our schools play an active and important role in many different issues affecting their local community- offering support and advice to their families far beyond learning and teaching.”

To have proper control on this issue, exterminators and medical facilities are being called on a regular basis since 2015, which has reduced the problem to a remarkable extent but any further such actions might cost a fortune to the council. Due to this, the Glasgow City Council is counseling the parents and the local people of the area on how to maintain hygiene and how can these bedbugs be eradicated. Bed bugs can cause certain health issues not only to the children but even to the adults due to which there needs to be a control on such pests.

The school has been rated by the council which clearly states that “efforts should be made to reduce the risk, but the costs of prevention should be carefully measured and limited.” The rating also says that “Risk reduction measures should be implemented within a defined time period and further assessment may be necessary.” Furthermore, the report made by the council states that “certain areas of the school especially the toys section, which is highly infested by bedbugs require regular washing and cleaning”.

The school comes under the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s constituency and it is quite necessary that the teachers, children and the people in here should be aware of the infestation of the pests and immediate measures need to be taken. As per the latest news, the council has made an action plan which states that there would be additional staff hours and regular inspections would be done in the school to ensure that everything is in control. As additional options, the report even says that the furniture should be removed and new furniture needs to be installed along with which there should be new lockers installed in the school.

Though this is a highly sensitive case as the area in which the school is located is among the highest poverty area and such expenses might cause more problem but to ensure the safety and the health of the teachers and students, such measures need to be taken. St. Bride’s is one of the best schools in the area and to ensure that it is hygienic and safe, such measures are being taken by the council.

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