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Glion Balto’s Removable Battery Ensures Smooth Work Even When not at Home

Glion Balto’s removable battery ensures smooth work even when not at home

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many of us to work from home for most of 2020. However, it looks like many people are looking forward to going out now and working in a different place to experience a change in the environment. To fulfill this requirement, three tech-loving youths have come forth with a unique masterpiece, which not only helps one move out of the house while maintaining social distancing, they can also work in a different place if they need a change.

All of this is about Glion Balto, which is a combo of an electric scooter and a moped, and a portable power inverter having a capacity of 500 watts. Now, thanks to Balto’s removable battery that provides energy to this inverter so that it keeps going. With the aid of Glion Balto, one can comfortably move out of their homes to any location where WiFi is available and carry out their work on their laptops. The laptop could be plugged into the power inverter, which gives sufficient power to ensure its smooth functioning.

The entire setup works as a power station, or a portable power station, to be more precise. Jeff Kong, one of the co-founders and also a partner of Glion Electric Scooter, went on to say, “We found out because of COVID and natural disasters there’s a huge demand for an extra power station which uses a lithium-ion battery. If a user needs a portable power station for power to work in the field, or more fun on a camping trip or just as an emergency power station in a blackout they can just use the battery for the portable power station.”

Basically manufactured in China, Balto’s initial pieces are likely to enter North America during the initial phase of December, claims Kong. Pre-orders for this product have already begun online at a slashed rate of $599 at present. However, once the product arrives within the market, its price would go up to $699. Customers placing pre-orders for Balto are liable to receive the power inverter for $99. However, going forward, the inverter’s price is likely to shoot up to a range of $130-$150. Although the power inverter is indeed useful, purchasing this is completely optional and is left to the user. 

Kong states that the inverter price would be decided based on how it fares within the market. Presently, an additional battery comes at $230. However, its price is likely to touch $279 in the future. 

Although the power inverter could be the main attraction for customers for owning a Balto, Kong, and his remaining two associates, point out a few other aspects that could differentiate it from an e-scooter. One of them is a seat that would enable people to sit rather than simply standing. Secondly, it can be folded with ease, and when done so, it occupies a space of barely a square foot, or even less. The luggage rack of the scooter serves as its stand when folded. 

Weighing 38-pounds, the scooter can be pulled comfortable when in the folded position, thanks to a couple of wheels that serve this purpose. Finally, the Balto is equipped with a large basket that enables people to stuff some items into it, including their laptops, if they plan to do a little shopping.

Kong said, “If you truly want to provide a self-sufficient true commuting device, these features are needed.”

Balto is also equipped with rear-view mirrors, certain safety signals, and rear wheels having a diameter of 12-inches that offer smooth and comfortable driving. It runs at a 17 miles/hour speed and can shoot up to 20 miles when fully charged.

The Balto creator team feels that they have nailed the right thing by bringing out something innovative of this sort.

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