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Google to bring Dark Mode and Account-Switch Gesture for Gmail

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Google is rolling out Android 10 soon. Yes, this is what it is called this time; no candies, no desserts or no sweets. The Android 10, formerly known as Android Q will receive the essential dark mode in the Gmail which is a must-have in today’s era. Google already has a dark mode interface in Chrome, Google Fit, and Google Pay. Gmail was the only one left out, yet. 

‘Night is dark, Screen is bright, Eyes hurt. Night is dark, Screen is dark, Eyes not hurt.’

The latest update version of 18.08.2019 disclosed that the theme is bluer. If the operating system you have is Android Pie which is the ninth version of android and you activate the night mode, you will notice that Gmail is now enabled with the night mode with the black theme. The theme will be the same dark grey-blue as Google Pay as of now. 

Next is if you add the Gmail app to the home screen, it will also change to a dark color to contrast with the rest of the screen. Although the main app will retain its bright and white look. In addition to the dark mode feature, you will also get a welcoming surprise if you operate multiple accounts in Gmail. As per the latest news, Both the app’s widget and the splash screen have a dark variation to suit the system-wide theme on Android Q.

In attempts to make the apps more user-friendly, Google has made and is making switching of accounts in between apps easier and handy. Just like a week ago, Google drive added a feature that involved gesture for quickly switching between accounts. Google maps already had it earlier and Gmail is having it now. All you have to do for switching accounts is to tap on the icon at the top right and swipe up and down a little to reach faster to the account you want to switch to rather than tapping on the icon and then on the account that want to switch.

Though the quick-switch swipe gesture first appeared in iOS long back, by which it means many months before it came to android, the wait is not till 2020 at least to ease off a little pain. You can also get the dark mode theme and quick-switch swipe gesture right now through APKs if the inquisitive side of your cannot wait.

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