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Gmail is Finally all Set to Launch its Dark Theme on iPhones and iPads.

Gmail is one of the most popular mailing applications. It is almost used by everyone that owns a mailing account. Android phones often come along with an inbuilt Gmail app. It allows them to easily access all the new updates that Google brings out for the Gmail app. iPhones don’t necessarily have Gmail on it. It leads to Gmail users who own iPhones, not getting proper updates. Gmail users recently experienced this issue. Gmail launched its dark theme in September 2019. While most Android users can avail of the feature, the iPhone and iPad users are still waiting for the feature to be properly supported on their devices.

The first time that Gmail brought out this update on their app, some iPhone and iPad users could use this setting, although it would turn back to a light theme on its own, sometimes this happened after a restart. While this was the issue for some users, other iPhone and iPad users didn’t get the updates setting on their phone. Although, after the delay in the launch of this functionality for months, Google seems to finally be ready to bring this feature on to iPhones without any glitches this time.

This feature update is a part of version 6.0.200519 of Gmail. It comes with a release note that says, “Pro Tip (if you haven’t noticed): You can now switch between dark or light themes after upgrading to iOS 13. Or you can use the system theme set by default.” This release intends to inform the users about the functionality that the new update provides. If everything goes well, the new update should finally be working for the iPhone and iPad users after months of waiting.

After updating the app, users are supposed to follow a few simple steps to avail the new dark theme feature:

– Open the Gmail app.

– Tap on the three small lines(menu). You should be able to find it in the top left corner.

– Scroll down to the settings and open it.

– tap on the theme option(Incase the option is not visible, quit the app and launch it again).

– Choose Light, Dark, or System Default. The system default setting will just set your Gmail to your device’s theme setting. This option is especially helpful for iPhone users. Some users set their default theme settings to change automatically, depending on the time of the day.

Something to note is that if you have an ios11 or ios12 update on your iPad or iPhone, then instead of the theme submenu, you will get a dark theme toggle. You can turn this switch on or off, depending on your preference for themes.

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