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Gogoro Plans to Launch its Latest E-bike Brand Eeyo in the US First

Gogoro plans to launch its latest e-bike brand Eeyo in the US first

It has been 5 years since Gogoro launched its first electric scooter. That was way back in the year 2015. The Taiwanese company has come up with its latest e-bike brand Eeyo. It would be one of its first ventures in the automobile’s electric bike segment.

As far as reports go, there is just some preliminary information about the e-bikes. Not a lot has been disclosed. The one surprising thing is that the company has taken a conscious decision to launch its product in the United States. Thus, the latest electric bikes from the brand Eeyo are set to be launched in the US.

Until now, the company has been known for its electric scooters primarily. The Taiwanese automaker has ventured into the auto application and software segment as well. There is a faction dealing with rechargeable batteries too. But, electric bikes had been rumoured for a long time now. Once this launch is fructified, this will be the Taiwanese company’s first-ever product launch in the United States.

The company had put up a post on Instagram with a caption “A new e-bike from @gogoro_taiwan. Coming to the US in May. Prepare for liftoff.” The post has managed to simmer public curiosity once again. It is notable that the company is currently the best selling brand of electric scooters in Taiwan. Gogoro scooters are known to travel around 80 km with one charge. With the battery swapping system, the same scooter can be used by and by in a day.

Eeyo is expected to be available for purchase in the US sometime in May 2020. After the launch in the United States, the company also plans to make a slated launch in Europe. And then it will shift gaze to its home country in Taiwan this summer where it is expected to receive great pomp and show.

The Taiwanese company that had been founded in 2015 by former HTC executives Horace Luke and Matt Taylor is a big brand now and an established name in the auto industry. Needless to say, the expected launch shall invite numerous gazes and interest of leading automakers.

The Taiwan based company is also known to license its products to makers like Yamaha, Aeon and PGO. The list of deliverables from the electric scooter maker is a technology like swappable, rechargeable batteries. It has been known best for its smart scooters.

This startup had always seen itself as an end to end platform provider and developer. The company has been a major producer and supplier of telematics control units and back-end servers. In July of 2019, the brand launched its software platform called GoShare and described it as the first fully integrated platform and solution for mobility sharing. Since batteries can be swapped at kiosks available at gas stations, GoShare would employ the same.

With a pilot project that had around 1000 electric scooters, the brand had first started operating in Taiwan. This vehicle sharing platform has a marked edge over companies like Uber, Lyft, Lime, Bird and Coup because it can continuously track the performance of vehicles, adjust the functions of the system and bring up feedback to be helpful for the new designs as well. The battery swapping system was a speciality.

The company hopes to establish itself as a leading producer of the energy-efficient automobile, for instance, eco-friendly and power saver scooters and bikes. The CEO of the brand, Horace Luke, said that he envisaged his startup to evolve as a platform for energy-efficient vehicles in the coming times.

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