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Good news for Vegans, Starbucks Oat Milk in will be available all its Outlets Across the USA from Spring 2021

Oat milk to be available at all Starbucks outlets across the US starting spring 2021

Starbucks went about experimenting with the oat milk across many locations in the Midwest that includes Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin, bak during January 2020. Now, it looks like this experiment carried out at almost 1300 locations has given out fruitful results as the coffee chain plans on launching it as an alternative option to normal milk across all of its outlets within the US by spring 2021.

This option has been available within Starbucks outlets across Europe since January 2018 and also at certain Starbucks Reserve outlets from March 2019. The oat milk would be sponsored by Oatly, based out of Sweden, and considered as the largest milk producer on a global level.

Starbucks first introduced soy-milk back in 1997, as a dairy-free alternative. However, as time passed, people began looking out for plant-based milk items. Then in 2015, coconut milk found its way within the coffee-chain menus. Not too long after, almond milk also made an entry sometime in 2016.

Vegan dishes are in demand these days as they are considered to be quite low in terms of their calorie count. However, some of these varieties may not be having a high protein content and their sugar content could also be high. As far as oat milk is concerned, it is made by adding a little water to oats and then mixing them together with the aid of a blender.

Starbucks has established a tie-up with Conservation International and strives to ensure that all of its coffees are livable and friendly from an environmental perspective. From 2015 onwards, 99% of coffees coming in from Starbucks have earned the tag of being ‘ethically sourced.’ Starbucks is the biggest coffee provider to have attained this breakthrough.

To promote its environment-friendly initiatives, Starbucks has been introducing many plant-based dishes within its menu. One of them is the vegan breakfast sandwich, consisting of a mung bean egg, a sausage patty completely vegetarian in nature and cheese that is without any dairy content. All of these have been stuffed within an English muffin. This breakfast dish was being made available at an outlet in Issaquah, WA back in October 2019. 

Furthermore, many Starbucks outlets across the US had the Impossible Breakfast Sandwich within their menus. This dish was launched sometime in June after Starbucks partnered with Impossible Foods. The items within the Impossible Breakfast Sandwich include the Impossible patty, which is again completely plant-based. However, the dish includes eggs and milk-based products, therefore, it is rather a vegetarian dish and not a vegan one.

With the Impossible Breakfast Sandwich, Starbucks introduced the trend of providing plat-based meat dishes in the US, which was otherwise not the case. Now, with oat milk beverages marking a place for themselves within the Starbucks menus, the coffee chain is moving close towards its motto of bringing down greenhouse gas emissions, using water resources sparingly and also bringing down the generation of unwanted items by almost 50% until 2030.

Apart from taking environment-friendly initiatives by bringing out such interesting dishes, Starbucks has also been helping out COVID-19 frontline workers. Sometime around the beginning of this month, the coffee chain stated that it would be providing free coffees to all healthcare workers, as coronavirus cases have been steadily increasing within the country. This would be valid until December 31. Vice President of Starbucks global social impact Virginia Tenpenny went on to say, “Our hope with this is to reignite the movement of gratitude and to show those on the front line how much they are appreciated. For us, we believe that one way we can do this is by offering a free cup of coffee.”

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