Google Additional Security Measures for Sensitive Apps

Google is to set up an Android security team for more protection to the sensitive apps of the play store. Now there are some new apps in the play store with a record of the coronavirus information and tracing, so it is better to be safe and secure. As the elections ar4e close by, there are some election-related apps present on the play store which need extra cyber Security against the misuse of the information.

Maybe considering the above-mentioned threats, google posted an add for Android security engineer. Google already has a team of security researchers as a part of the Google Play Security Reward Program. This program is conducted in collaboration within some individual popular android app developers. The main aim of this app is to recognize and reduce the endangerment of the apps. 

But the previously mentioned apps contain very sensitive data that can not be included in the program of financial rewards for more protection. So, the google team is trying to hire a new Android security team for those sensitive to handle apps with confidential information.

This step makes it crystal clear that with this new team, the Security of the apps are one layer bolstered. IT is to be considered that the new team will be “third-party Android apps on Google Play, working to identify vulnerabilities and provide within guidance to impacted application developers.”

They mentioned in the posting, “As a Security Engineering Manager in Android Security, you’ll be protecting these people by leading a team that investigates and solves problems in vulnerability analysis. Your team will perform application security assessments against highly sensitive, third party Android apps on Google Play, working to identify vulnerabilities and provide remediation guidance to impacted application developers.”

“You’ll also work with Android security teams, particularly those teams that work on app scanning and Google Play operations to find new and creative ways to reduce the occurrence of Android application vulnerabilities at scale. You’ll face a wide variety of code quality issues, and work towards detecting flaws both obvious and highly discrete.”

In particular, Google Play Security Reward Program will handle the apps with 100 million or more users. So now, the new Android security team will ply on the Security for small apps with more sensitive data.

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