Google and Apple pulls down ToTok app from the Play Store due to the Spyware report

ToTok is a messaging app that is quite popular all over the world. The ToTok messaging app was recently removed from the Play Store due to the Spyware reports. The New York Times report said that the app is a Spyware. Following this report, Google and Apple removed ToTok from their Store. Google and Apple will no longer provide any updates or any other things to this ToTok messaging app. 

The ToTok, as said, is a messaging app and is one of the most downloaded apps on last week’s chart. This ToTok app is greatly used in UAE as other popular apps like Skype and WhatsApp have been blocked there. The app is used and also received a lot of downloads in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America. The app was downloaded millions of times in all these countries. 

But, the app is declared as a Spyware, and it has been reported that it is being backed by the United Arab Emirates government. The ToTok app is designed to take or stuck all the things from the users like personal information, conversations, movements, relationships, appointments, photos, and even sounds. The ToTok seems to document all these things about the users. 

This Spyware app is seemed to be backed by the UAE. But the app has received millions of downloads across the country. And all these people’s information is in danger. The app has been removed from both the Google and Apple Play Store, and so it will no longer receive any updates from Google and Apple even. So, if you do not want anyone to monitor you, the app ToTok must be immediately removed from your phone. You have to uninstall the app and clear all the apps data from your phone’s memory. 

Moreover, the developer of the app Breej Holding has links with the DarkMatter. DarkMatter is a cyber intelligence and hacking agency that is based in Abu Dhabi. And we need to note that DarkMatter is already under investigation by the FBI. So, this greatly proves and explains how the app was created as a Spyware and used by the United Arab Emirates. 

The ToTok app has just been removed from Google and Apple Play Store. But the app has not been shut down completely. You can use the downloaded app on your phone unless you don’t mind your personal information being stolen. The makers of the app ToTok said in a statement that they do acknowledge these allegations against the app. But they did not do anything to solve the problem or issue. 

They said in that statement that the app is just currently not available in the Google and Apple Play Store due to a technical issue. But, it will soon be available for downloading through the Google and Apple Store. They added that they are negotiating with Google and Apple regarding this issue. 

The New York Times report states that ToTok is a Spyware. Especially the lines, “tracks the personal appointments of its users” and “a spy tool built by the Israeli intel officers”. The follow-up statement of ToTok states that these allegations do not have anything to do with the UAE government and the Israeli government. So, ToTok co-founders Giac and Long said through these abrupt allegations, they simply tie the knot to irrelevant things. 

Anyways, the statements from the ToTok team are not even a little satisfying and proving that the app was safe and did not pull any user’s data. So, the ToTok cannot be trusted entirely, and it is advised to Uninstall it as of now.

Image Source: Android Police

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