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Google and Other Tech Companies not Happy with Guest Worker Visa Suspension

Google and other tech companies not happy with guest worker visa suspension

In light of recent events and, therefore, the pandemic looming over the planet, including the US, it’s been announced by Donald Trump that guest worker visas would be suspended for the time being. The suspended visa programs significantly include the guest worker visas, just like the H1-B, which is employed by tech companies to drive in talent from overseas.

All the restrictions that are imposed by Trump apply to new visa applicants and, therefore, the current H1-B holders out of the country. Many tech companies have shown their protest against the proclamation, saying that it’s a threat to US innovation.

Industry groups have pushed back on the released proclamation, saying it’s a threat to the tech industry. Google, a serious tech company that understands how important fresh talent is for the country, has emphasized the contribution that immigrants have had until now.

Google spokesperson Jose Castaneda says, “Immigrants not only fuel technological breakthroughs and make new business opportunities for the Americans within the country but rather they’re also liable for enhancing the cultural mix.” He added, “America’s success depends tons on having access to talent from across the planet, and during a time like this when the economy is especially slow, new talent is required quite ever.”

In the year 2019, 6500 applicants for the H1-B program of visa were for Google itself, and therefore the company has been a fanatical supporter of the program over the past years. The outrage that the tech giant has over suspension is merely understandable.

Despite being capped at 85000 workers nationally, the H1-b program for visa faces the media more often than one would think. It had also been noticed that H1-B workers encounter more discrimination within the US due to their employment being tied to their immigration status. They often find yourself feeling like ‘underclass’ within the country.

Most tech companies within the US are a neighborhood of the knowledge Technology Industry Council which supports the H1-B program for an equivalent reason. Google has said it’s important for a rustic like the US. At such a critical time, the suspension of the program could have a dangerous future impact on growth and recovery of the economy, says the organization.

One of the many groups within the tech industry is the Internet Association, which also agrees that a lot of jobs that are created within the US are due to the new talent coming in. It’s also what’s significantly liable for the country’s economic growth. Almost every company within the country benefits from visa programs to usher in fresh talent from across the world.

The H1-B program was reviewed earlier in 2017, but no results are shared with the general public. A serious segment of it had been suspended earlier also, but as we substitute 2020, the whole program has been suspended by Trump for now. The new announcement though, comes from the effect that the pandemic has had over the world.

Image source: TheVerge

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