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Google App Tests Compact Weather Bubble on Android

Google app tests compact weather bubble on android

Google is slowly moving towards developing a personalized feed for the users, and the latest update is a step in the same direction. The weather card that usually came under the search field is replaced by a pill-shaped bubble on the top-left corner of the screen. It allows users to quickly navigate through the feed, as quickly as one would do with the sports feed.

The exact location of this new icon is on the opposite side of the account changer icon, where you might see your picture if you have uploaded one. Upon clicking on this button, the weather forecast will be shown to you along with the current weather. Detailed information can be availed through the same by simply tapping on the icon.

Google discovered recently become more of a place for news feed and sports news, which makes sense that there were specific cards present for users to navigate through. No user would have thought that the weather card would be up for a re-design too.

While most of us only use the weather card to check the temperature but the new pill-shaped bubble design doesn’t allow you to precipitation changes, highs, and lows of the day, etc. which was otherwise possible with the weather card we had earlier. No doubt, the bubble icon is a much cleaner look and that users would eventually get used to navigating through it.

The addition of a new and cleaner looking feature doesn’t entail eliminating the great features that Google already gives to all smartphone users. There are multiple options to check the weather on the phone. The discovered feed on the left of the home screen has detailed weather information along with the Assistant’s Snapshots feed, where you can find hourly information.

The new update indicates that Google is heading in the direction of curating a more personalized discovery feed. Sports Cards that exist aren’t bound to anywhere, though, because of all the game-related content, but the weather card removal might be okay with most users.

Users might not see the new update on all of their smartphones as the update is already available for iOS and android most One plus devices have it. It is owing to their latest search beta, but none of the pixel phones is updated with this new feature.

As far as the rest of the android users are concerned, it is assumed that all of you will soon see this update in the google app as google moves forward towards testing this. One can expect a rather simple and more personal discovery feed after this, owing to the removal of add on features. Although, that might be a while from now. Users are welcoming the feature as of now, and a more positive response is expected by the testing team, to make the feature a more permanent add on.

Image source: 9to5Google

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