Google Assistant with ‘Duplex on the web’ feature helps you in movie ticket purchase

Since last year, Google Assistant has helped people to purchase movie tickets online with the aid of Google Voice Assistant. One simply needed to input the movie name and showtimes via his/her voice. Then, Google Assistant, with the help of the Fandango movie app, searched for the required movie according to the showtime and booked them also for the user. The user seat preference was also being considered.

Now, this functionality has become all the more helpful. Google Assistant would be using “Duplex on the Web” service. This feature would enable users to purchase movie tickets with much more ease. Duplex software would use AI to automate the entire movie-booking process. The user would be able to book tickets for the desired movie of his choice.

How does Google Assistant use “Duplex on the Web” for movie ticket purchase?
To start with, one needs to request Google Assistant for a particular movie along with its showtimes. The user should keep in mind to use only an Android phone. Google Assistant then opens up the Chrome browser and searches for the tickets.

According to sources, Google Assistant fetches the required movie details from a list of 70 movie theatres and movie ticket applications. In the US, this is done through AMD, Fandango, MJR theatres and movie In the UK, the Google Assistant tool uses the ticketing service Odeon. Presently, these services are only available for the people of the US and the UK.

How does Duplex help in this feature?
Then what is the role of the Duplex software tool in all of the above? Well, once the user requests the Google Assistant for a particular movie along with its showtimes, Duplex software, with the help of Artificial Intelligence, fills out all the details on the ticketing website through the Chrome browser.

Now the next question that comes to everybody’s minds is, “From where is this information fetched?” Well, this Duplex service fetches the user’s personal information which has already been filled earlier in Google Chrome. This information is then used as and when required.

Once the information is filled in automatically by the Duplex tool, the user is allowed to analyze the information and make any changes if necessary. The user is then allowed to make payment in whichever mode he prefers. Thus the entire process is automated, and it becomes hassle-free for the user.

Duplex also helps in navigating between different webpages. The entire booking process, along with this tool, was tested around the end of September, and it worked pretty well.

Presently, only Android phone users are subjected to the use of this facility. Also, the browser used would be Google Chrome.

With the aid of Duplex software, Google also plans to implement car bookings or rentals online. During the previous year, Duplex was used to make restaurant reservations through the phone. Though we cannot comment on how much success has been achieved by the use of Duplex software in this particular field, let us all hope that with this latest feature, users are all subjected to a smooth online movie booking process.

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