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Google Assistant Gets A New ‘Coronavirus Tips’ Shortcut

Google Assistant Gets A New ‘Coronavirus Tips’ Shortcut

The novel coronavirus has spread rapidly across the globe, taking the entire world by storm. People have frantically started following every coronavirus related news on the web. They are also searching for tips and techniques on the internet that would give an idea about keeping themselves safe during the pandemic. And now, Google has come up with a very good technique to keep people informed about the COVID-19 virus. 

A shortcut called ‘Coronavirus tips’ has been appended to Google Assistant. Along with this, there is another shortcut, too, that would help people to keep themselves informed, regarding the same. 

By now, most of the people would have observed that a few days back, Google had started a campaign called “Do the Five” through its homepage and push notifications. By starting this campaign, Google wanted to let people know the five important things that are essential to curb the spread of the disease:

  1. Washing hands properly (at least for 20 seconds)
  2. Avoid touching the face unnecessarily
  3. Avoid coughing in the open, and coughing can be done on the elbows if uncontrollable
  4. Maintain social distancing
  5. Stay confined within their homes as much as possible

Now, the same techniques that have been listed above are being promoted via the shortcut on Google Assistant. Presently, this feature is coming up on Android devices. The Google Assistant on Android smartphones is currently displaying a shortcut labeled as “Coronavirus tips.” On hitting this shortcut button, one would get to view all of Google’s “Do the Five” PSA via the Google Assistant. 

Along with all of these, most recent news headlines regarding the pandemic are also being shown to the user. To view the same, one needs to scroll down further through the page. 

A new shortcut on Google Discover

While the “Coronavirus tips” shortcut has been added to Google Assistant, there is another one that has been added to Google Discover as well. It is nothing but the news feed that can be viewed on the Google app. It can also be seen in the left-most section of the Google home screen on many Android smartphones. By clicking on this shortcut, users would be able to see all the latest information and news reports regarding the pandemic. 

This shortcut is usually displayed on the top of the screen all the time. It does not matter whether the user has searched for any details regarding coronavirus. The shortcut related to the COVID-19 virus is always present on the Google webpage.

With these shortcuts, Google hopes that it can keep people informed and updated regarding the COVID-19 virus. 

Apple updates Siri voice assistant to provide coronavirus information

Just like Google, Apple also has taken the initiative to help people in keeping themselves updated regarding the coronavirus pandemic. In the latest update, Apple has updated its Siri voice assistant to provide information regarding COVID-19. 

People can ask any questions or doubts about the voice assistant, which, in turn, helps people with their queries. This latest feature has been available from Saturday.
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