Google Assistant now lets you send reminders to friends and family

What if I say that you can now send reminders to friends and family members through Google? If the statement would have been made 5 years earlier, you would have probably labeled it as next to impossible. But no, it’s not 2010, it’s 2019 and this is possible. The AI of Google, called Google assistant, now has the feature of sending reminders to friends and family members.

The assistant will let the user set reminders for specific people present in an opt-in group of Assistant users. The feature is basically designed for family members and is said to work through the Family Group only. For example, a parent can send his/her child a reminder of doing a certain chore at a specific time, the Assistant would send the reminder 5 minutes earlier or at the time assigned, to the receiver. The feature would also work in the same manner for friends and would work from a particular group made for friends.

There was also a demo representation for the feature where it was shown how one can create or set a reminder for a specific time just with a voice text or a simple text message. The reminder would show up at the screen at the set time or when the person is at a specific location. The reminders can also be repeated over and over just like we set the alarm timing in our phones and one can even check the history of the reminders in Google Assistant. 

The main aim of the feature is not to make the users continuously nag or irritate their loved ones with the uncertain request rather it is made so as to send encouragements, quotes, jokes, specific places to visit while in an area and many more. Say, if your friend is in a place where the cuisine is really good, you can send him/her a reminder telling about the restaurants to try during their stay.

Another case, you can send your friend or family member a reminder stating a quote on encouragement before they go for an interview or an important meeting. All this can now be done only with a reminder and that too the reminder can be set with your voice. Isn’t that amazing!

To make the feature work, all you have to do is create a Family group or a friends group online at which is designed to manage both phone and Smart Display reminders. The members should be in the Google Contacts list so as to get in the group. For kids who are under the age of 13 need to have a privacy-compliant account which would be created by the parents through Google’s Family Link platform, after which they can have the access to this feature.

The kids account also needs to be paired with that of the parent and the kid’s voice should be set to a Google Home Speaker so that even the child can send any reminder to his/her parents. The company also has the feature of blocking someone, so as to be avoided getting spammed. This feature would soon be in full mode by next month and would be accessible only in the US, UK, and Australia after which it would be made available globally.


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