Google Assistant Snapshot pops up with a voice command

A couple of years ago, in 2018, Google Assistant introduced the Snapshot feature, where one could check out all the tasks for the day in one place. The application recently underwent an improvement wherein it could appear just by tapping on the icon on the bottom-left section of the Assistant window. And now, Google has introduced another feature that prompts the Snapshot to appear with a voice command’s aid. One needs to say, “Hey, Google, show me my day.” The Snapshot shows up on hearing this command. 

Presently, this functionality is working for those who have set their default language as “English.” Google has revealed that it plans on extending the functionality to other languages as well in a few months down the line. 

Also, there would be extra information available on the Snapshot card, like displaying the forthcoming holidays and any birthdays. Tapping on a birthday notification would provide a new card to the user and a few actions like calling or messaging the concerned person. The user can also send a personalized birthday song. 

Google Assistant Snapshot is also bound to display customized suggestions based on the choices of the user. As 9to5Google reports, many users could check out the “Plan today’s meals” feature, which contains loads of recipes displayed according to the user’s preferences. According to Google, these recipes tend to change depending on the time when they are being sought after. For instance, if the user checks them in the morning, there would be loads of breakfast recipes that this feature has to offer. 

And if all this is not enough, Snapshot can also suggest a few playlists depending on what the user would like to listen to. It can also provide suggestions regarding hotels in the vicinity, depending on what one would like to eat. 

A “Top 5 News stories for you” card would also be available, like “Your briefing from Google News.” This card would depict all the latest news headlines the first thing in the morning whenever the user checks his feed. It is displayed along with the user’s agenda, travel time, reminders, if at all, and along with the day’s weather. 

All of these features listed above are available for those Android and iOS users who have set English as their default language. 

About Google Assistant Snapshot

In 2018, Google started this Snapshot application to help people out with their tasks for the day. The Snapshot contains all the information related to the entire day’s schedule. It contained important appointments for the day, travel plans, or flight schedules if at all any and so on. It also provides stock related information as well as Assistant action recommendations. 

Over the past 2 years, the Google Assistant Snapshot has undergone many updates and improvements. It recently underwent an update wherein the cards that appeared on the Snapshot could be customized as per user preferences. And now, finally, Google has made it very easy for the user to revoke the Snapshot.

Image source: Engadget

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