Google Assistant to Receive an Update with the New Hot Word ‘Hey Google.’

Every user who has a smartphone or any smart gadget with Google assistant has at least once in their lifetime used the Google Voice Assistant. It is one of the quickest and most reliable solutions to get your phone or device to respond instantly to you without having to go through all the buttons and other hustles involved in it. Speakers and displays have also become very communal with the ‘OK Google’ voice assistant keyword. But the Company is moving towards updating the voice assistant with the new hot word called the ‘Hey Google’ along with some new phrases.

The reason behind coming up with the new phrase is to increase the efficiency of the Assistant to set up the voice matching. We already know that to set up the voice assistant for Google, the Assistant initially asks a user to repeat either ‘OK Google’ or ‘Hey Google’ twice. After you have set up the voice assistant, the AI will automatically connect your Google Home and Nest devices to it, so that it can provide you with personalized results and also help you to add lists and place items in it. This service can be availed by at most 6 people at a time. 

You can also personalize the Assistant to show you results according to your calendar and also remind you of upcoming events. Not only this, but the Google Voice Assistant can also be connected to Smart Displays at your home or workplace, where on speaking, the Assistant will show you your profile picture at the top right corner of the screen. 

But all of these features were already available in their previous versions. Currently, Google wants its users to repeat full phrases that will be displayed to you while setting up the voice assistant. Google has provided four commands and questions as phrases for users to repeat. It will not only set up the Assistant on your device but will also showcase to you what are the services that Google Voice Assistant can do for you.

The questions and commands are namely, “OK Google, play my workout playlist,” “Hey Google, remind me to buy flowers,” “OK Google, where is the nearest post office?”, and “Hey Google, what time is the sunrise?”.

The Google Company is constantly updating its systems and products to keep their customers engaged. The new update has been created with the aim to provide the Assistant with better accuracy in identifying the person who is engaging with it. New users will be immediately greeted with the phrase style of setting up the voice assistant. 

Previous users may require to visit the Assistant Settings, then go to Assistant and click on Voice Match. There you will have to follow the new steps of setting up the voice matching. As soon as you are done, the Assistant will update the information across all of your signed-in devices.

The Company has also released some more information related to this new update. According to Google, the update will roll out over the coming weeks of May. But it is going to be available for only Smart displays and Speakers at its initial phase. The devices that have their default language set at English are going to be the first to receive the update. The Company has not made any updates for other languages but will soon expand this service to other languages as well. 

In trying to get in touch with the Google Company to learn more about what else the Company has in store for its users, and if the Assistant will be available for other languages in the coming months, the Company was not available immediately to respond. But it can be speculated that as soon as Google receives positive feedback about their new release, the Company will surely expand its update to different languages.

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