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Google Assistant voice payments with just your voice

Google Assistant voice payments with just your voice

Voice commands are gaining popularity even more rapidly than touchscreen phones did in the past, and users can expect voice commands operating almost every operation shortly as well. Google has taken its first step towards ensuring voice prompts are put to better use by adding features with which payments can be made just with your voice.

What the future holds and what Google is already putting to test is using voice command with its Google assistant to authorize payments. Your payment details and delivery address will be asked for by the assistant for future requirements, and any payment will only be confirmed after you affirm it with your voice. 

Google has ensured that the new voice payment method is secure by adding the security option on your smart device, which will ask you if you can confirm the payment, before finally placing the order. The authorization will follow with face unlock or fingerprint requirement to complete the process. 

Google’s system has already been designed to cater to multiple users on the same device, and Voice match can be used to provide personalized responses to each user. These responses can be further used to authorize payments in the future. Google Assistant users will be able to confirm this news by checking the ‘confirm with voice match’ option in the ‘payments’ section of the application settings. 

Voice match for confirming purchases is a new feature that Google is still testing on smart devices and speakers, which allows you to use your voice for confirming orders. The option will be available for a limited time as of now and might become a permanent feature depending on the response received from the users. 

Users have recently even tried using the voice prompt for in-app purchases on the google play store. The user testifies that the option is currently being used for Google shopping payments only, but it also might work on restaurant orders in the future. As soon as the user moves to purchase something, a pop up shows up asking for the user’s permission while displaying information on the feature and what the user should be aware of. Upon confirming only, the assistant will make the purchase. 

For users who might be interested in the feature must know how the initial set up works. Google will first walk you through how your existing voice match profile, which you might use elsewhere on your phone, will be used for the same feature. It also assures that the same profile will be used on all devices connected with the same account of Google Assistant. 

The new feature that Google is testing can be disabled at any point when you feel like it is not working for you. It will also warn you about how similar voices will be able to confirm purchases, just in case. Hence, the user should be informed of all circumstances that come with it. You will be finally confirming the entire set up with your Google account password itself.

Image source: 9to5Google

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