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With Google Assistant’s Ambient mode in action, a few phones can be converted into smart displays

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In the month of September, Google had provided a teaser of how Google Assistant’s Ambient mode would be when it comes into action. Well, it looks like it has already paved its way into a few phones. The Google Assistant’s Ambient mode has made its entry into Xiaomi and Nokia mobiles last week onwards. Next week, it is expected to come to Sony and something called “Transsion,” which is an OEM. It is also expected to make an entry into Lenovo Smart Tab M8 HD (which comes with the charging station) as well as the Yoga Smart Tab.

How is this Ambient mode feature helpful?
By activating Google Assistant’s Ambient mode, the user can see Google photos, play music, control of any smart home devices, and much more. In short, with the help of this feature, the phone can be put to use even when it is charging.

According to Android product manager Arvind Chandrababu, the Ambient mode makes it easier to perform many tasks with a single tap, all when the phone is getting charged. He feels that one can set the alarm, check his first meeting for the day, turn off the lights, check out his Google photos slide show, and many such other tasks just by tapping only once. In short, this is nothing short of a smart display.

Arvind Chandrababu also adds that with this experience, one tends to feel “deeply integrated” into the Android OS system. He further states that Google is planning a lot of many similar features in the future.

Now, why exactly wound an Android developer like to show notifications when the phone is getting charged? Well, to be precise, Android developers feel that there needs to be a balance built up between sending notifications to users during busy hours as well as during idle times. And the best idle time to portray these notifications and any other details would be during the charging time.

Quite similar to a Pixel Stand, this one has a lock screen that displays time over Google photos, according to sources. When tapped on the lock screen, one can see alarm details, notifications, weather details, smart home details, and many more. The bottom of the lock screen contains numerous icons, each created for purposes of controlling smart lights, enabling different modes like do not disturb and many more. And all this when the phone is getting charged!

On which phones would the Ambient mode be present?
The Ambient mode would be featuring only on selective phones. Its requirement is such that the phone requires an Operating System of Android 8 or above. Only phones that are not subjected to their own screen lock features at the time of charging can experience this Ambient mode feature. This also explains the fact of why it cannot be possible to implement this feature on Samsung, Pixel, and all such similar brand models.

As of now, Google has not said anything about when exactly this feature would arrive. However, once this feature arrives on phones, users will automatically get notifications to view their Google photos, to-do list, meeting details, and many more. All by tapping just once!!

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