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Google Chrome Remote Desktop gets Web Version for Easier Access

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Users are making use of Chrome Desktop Remote till now and a new web version is made available recently. Favor will turn out from Chrome Desktop App to new Web Version. With Chrome 75 Launch, Google announced that Chrome Desktop Remote will be out of beta officially and will head to the Web. With this Web Version, users can get or give access to one another in an easier way.

Means, users can now move to the new website and get or give support to each other over the web without installing any extensions like Chrome Remote Desktop.

Now, the easy way to interact with another user’s computer is via a straightforward website. You will have the ability to share your desktop or access request from other computers directly from the “Remote Support Menu”. The auto-generating Code System generates a 12 number combination. This Code will be valid for 5 Minutes which needs to be entered on the other device to gain remote access.

The name of Chrome Remote Desktop itself suggests that you can get trusted user access or control another computer. In Remote Access, those who need help need to set up the tool and generate code which the helper uses to login. Once, the User giving remote access enters the code correctly connection will set up displaying the desktop screen. A Pop up will appear to allow Access or you can stop sharing at any point of time.

You can now interact with another user’s desktop right from the browser window easily with this latest Web version. However, you can fix the issues or show the other person what to do by simply gaining temporary control of their computer.

Users will get the following options with Chrome Remote Desktop

  • Share computer to another user to let them see and control (“Share”)
  • See and control a shared computer ( “Access”)
  • Access your own computer from anywhere (“Get started”)

Earlier both the parties have to install the chrome remote desktop extension from the chrome web store in order to begin the process. Current Alternative is much more modern and direct compared to earlier ones which need interaction with an old interface. So, it still requires users to install “Chrome Remote Desktop Host App” for Windows or Mac to establish Remote Access.

Now, even New Users can get help easily from a more experienced Colleague or a friend or a family member. Remote Desktop Applications these days are quite pricey and charge on a monthly basis to use their services. Anyways Google is not trying to compete with LogMeIn Pro, Team Viewer which most of the IT Admins use for their work.

Current Remote Desktop App will be in existence until 30th June. Post to this, PC users needs to shift to the Web Version. This Website includes Apps for Android and iOS users to access a desktop computer with a mobile.

Google is Paving a way to get or give support to a friend without having the need to configure and install any additional software. It is another layer of abstraction to aid others or help them.

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