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Google Dark Mode is now officially available for Google Keep, Calendar Apps

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With the popularity of the dark mode in all apps, Google is updating itself to introduce dark mode to its users. To experiment, it has started introducing dark mode in its apps first so as to get the feedback from the users. The first Google app which is going to have the dark theme is Google Keep and then on Google Calendar. The dark mode has gained quite a lot of fans due to various reasons and Google is doing its best to provide the users with this theme.

In the dark mode, the apps would have dark colors instead of the bright colors, for eg: there would be more black and deep blue colors rather than white. The bright white color not only causes a strain to the eye but can be a reason for many of the users to wear glasses. To avoid such problems, the dark mode was invented a few years back where the whole screen would be in black color and only the words would appear in white, which not only decreased the complaints of sore eyes but even proved to save battery life of the gadgets.

The dark mode is comparatively more comfortable to use than the bright themes. The dark mode can be used during the day and even during the night time without any difficulty. This mode can work more efficiently in phones which have AMOLED display as it would help in saving battery. During the dark mode, all the pixels are in OFF mode and the panel does not consume more battery power resulting in efficient use of the phone.

The Google Keep does not have the pure OLED dark theme i.e. it does not have the full black screen rather it has a kind of dark grey colored screen instead of a black one. It has been known that the app used to have bright colors as its theme, but with the updated version, the bright themes have been replaced with the dark ones.

The drawing pad of the app does not have the dark theme yet, but the creators are working on it and it is expected to appear in the next update. As per the Latest News, the dark theme of Google Keep is only available in the latest update ( and one has to update the app to avail the new theme.

Though Google has only added the new dark mode facility in the Google Keep Notes, it is being heard that the company would soon update all its apps and would introduce the dark mode before Android Q is released publically. It cannot be confirmed that how much time it would take for updating the apps, Google has done a wonderful job by introducing the dark mode in its list of updates.

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