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Google Duo now Allows you to Add People to Your Group Video Calls Using a Simple Link

Google Duo now allows you to add people to your group video calls using a simple link

Ever since the pandemic struck the world and everyone was forced to move indoors, the workings, meetings, friendly meet-ups, everything went online. Online video calling became the only source to connect with people, for work, or even for personal reasons. In such a time, we saw a lot of new and old video calling apps to skyrocket their businesses and revenues. Zoom, Google meets, Skype are some of the applications or software that especially benefited a huge deal from all this. While skype should have been at the top of this list since it had been in the online video calling way before any other applications or software, it was observed that zoom took away the spotlight. The app became the go-to for all schools, colleges, workplaces, etc., to host their meetings. Even Though there was some news about the lack of safety on the app, people continued to use it rigorously.

Duo has not been far behind in making changes to itself and adding various features to the app to make it more useful for the users in these times as the other apps and software have made joining the meetings easy. You have to enter the meeting using the given link, or you can even use the meeting codes for each meeting room. Back in May, Google had announced that Duo, too, would be equipped with group video call links and codes. Although the option or rather the feature was not available on the app immediately, Google is now working on heavily improving some versions of the app that come after v89. 

It is very easy to operate Duo, you will have to create a meeting that has at least one member, and you should automatically get a sharable link so that you can send it to your group. You can copy that shareable link and then paste it in whichever app or group you want. Every time someone clicks on the link, they will be directed to Duo. They will first get the option to see the members of the meeting and then decide if they want to join. Currently, this feature only works on mobiles. It is not available for laptop and computer clients yet who would use the application on the web.

If you have already started a call and want to add another person, you can click on the overflow menu on the right, get the link again, and send it to the person you want to invite. Currently, these features can be availed on Google Duo’s version v89 and v90. The Duo app will allow only a few participants at a time, although google does plan to increase that number to 32. The Duo is set to see a lot more improvement in terms of new features like less dependence on phone numbers, a family mode, and larger group calls up to 12 people.

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