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Google experiments with a paper envelope to minimize phone usage

Google designing envelope to reduce phone usage

Google has apparently created a group of useful objects or tools so as to strike a balance between rapid technology growth and personal life. Now, what exactly is this all about? Well, there are many people out there who believe that they spend too much time on their phones, disrupting even their personal lives. So, as a part of the “digital well-being initiative”, Google has created three useful tools, out of which, one of these is an envelope.

What exactly is this Envelope, and how does it work?
The Envelope or the Envelope app, as it is precisely known, is available on the Play Store. However, at present, this app is meant only for Pixel 3A users. If somebody has a Pixel 3A, the app can be downloaded from the Play Store.

Once the app is downloaded, then the Envelope needs to be printed in a pdf format — post which, the template of the Envelope needs to be cut out from the pdf. Then, according to the instructions provided, one can follow the same and create the Envelope.

If someone feels they need to reduce their phone usage, they can slide their phone within this Envelope. The Envelope needs to be sealed with the aid of glue or gum. There are printed buttons on the Envelope. These buttons light up and allow for calls to be made or photos to be clicked. The speed dialing facility is also available with the Envelope. Apart from these few tasks of making calls and taking photographs, not much can be done, thus, thereby reducing phone time.

This can be considered as a very innovative technique designed by Google in a bid to minimize phone usage. Not only at home, in case someone is attending any conferences/seminars or any meetings, making use of this Envelope becomes very easy to control the urge to check the phone from time to time.

There could be only one drawback to the use of this Envelope. Every time the phone needs to be taken out of it, one needs to break or tear the seal of the Envelope to do the same. Thus, every time a new envelope would have to be downloaded and printed whenever the phone needs to be kept within it.

What are the other two apps that have been launched by Google?
Google has also created something called Activity Bubbles. Now how does this work? Well, every time the phone is used, a bubble is created and displayed on the wallpaper of the device. Thus, by looking at the number of bubbles appearing on the wallpaper, one can actually make out the phone usage and accordingly take the required action to limit it.

Another app created by Google is the Screen Stopwatch app. Going by the name itself, one can figure out how this app works. Well, this app would display the total phone usage for the day. It works on similar lines as the Unlock Clock app, which was previously introduced by Google sometime last year. The Unlock Clock app depicted the number of times the phone was unlocked during the period when the app was running.

Image Source: The Verge

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