Google to be facing an anti-trust investigation on using DNS-over-HTTPS in Chrome

This week has been a tough one for Google. Apparently, around fifty attorneys have issued an anti-trust investigation against Google, in order to know about the privacy policy and other information which might hamper the privacy of the users. The investigation came into view as Google made plans of using a new internet protocol, in order to have advantages over the rivals. Google is planning on using DNS over HTTPS in Chrome, which is all the reason for this chaos.

The company has already received documents stating that Google should be giving more than 230 explanations or documents, back from 2014, stating the related apps of the company including Chrome and YouTube. Google has been given a time period of October 9, to produce the documents.

According to the news, Google has stated that the DNS over HTTPS protocol would help in improving the security of the users over the internet. The new protocol would be encrypting the traffic making it difficult for hackers to have access to the information. Though there are concerns regarding that Google might use the collected information for ad and commercial purposes. 

If the DNS over HTTPS protocol comes to the market, all the wireless and cable companies would be facing a heavy loss as they would abstain from the DNS data of the users, which would be provided to Google on the other hand. In simple words, the data of the users which the cable and wireless companies used to get, would be now transferred to Google, once this protocol comes into effect.

In order to avoid this happening, the antitrust investigation from the House Judiciary Committee is being conducted which consists of participation of 48 states, seeking for the answers as to what is being done to the data which Chrome collects when a person signs-in, how does the tech-giant collect data from phones and how can Google track all the activities that the user is having in other apps, which are not related to Google. There are even questions stating the privacy issues that Google is having and the usage of voice recording from Google Assistant, though the company stated that for the latter one, the users can remove all the history and recordings from Assistant. The solution would not have been provided least media made it’s a public question.

The main concern of the investigation is the advertising team of Google, stating their methods and usage of information from their users and as such. As stated by Paxton, “It’s an investigation to determine the facts. Right now, it’s about advertising, but the facts will lead where they lead.”

Apart from that, similar investigation is going to be conducted on Facebook, Apple and Amazon in order to know the truth. The US tech giants are going to face the committee and facts are being demanded from the committee. The investigation would result in the actual facts and the truth behind the “privacy and security” policy of the above companies. The results would be known soon and only then it would be known whether the tech giants actually care about the privacy and security of their users or not.

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