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Google Fit Redesigned to Focus more on Step Count

Google Fit redesigned to focus more on Step Count

In today’s world, where fitness is the priority, Google Fit has surely been a blessing in disguise for many people with its amazing features like tracking, monitoring, and counting steps along with sleep time. But the Company has come up with a new update in its Google Fit in which they have redesigned the device to focus mostly on one of the most favorite aspects of fitness tracking, the step counting. 

The Google Fit comes in various versions, which are the Android, iOS as well as the Wear OS. In all of the three versions, Google has moved the ‘Move Minutes Goal’ to the side in place of the other features like ‘step count’ and ‘Heart Points.’ This feature was introduced as well as redesigned for people that were obsessed with steps but were lagging in an intense workout. Hence, the new feature will not only ensure that it is catering to the needs of the step obsessed people but also provide people with all the intense workout that is needed for a person to live a healthy and fit life.

Not only this, but the new Google Fit redesign has also made changes to the visuals and user interface, making it easy to view with bolder colors. Easy to glimpse visuals and progress cards that are displayed on the screen as soon as the user is close to reaching his goal. These features are common in all the three versions of Google Fit, which is Android, iOS, and Wear OS. But the Wear OS has another extra feature up its sleeves where new users will be provided with ‘at glance updates,’ along with progress information on your daily, weekly, and monthly goals.

At present, this new update for Google Fit is only available for iOS users, and they can update it and use it instantly. The update for both Android and Wear OS will soon roll out in the market within a few weeks, and made available for users throughout the world.

This latest Google Fit update may not be very appealing for users that are most interested in training for strength rather than for marathons. But it will still give you something extra to do in your daily workout regime. 

The Google Company has always made sure to take in the feedback of their customers as soon as they launch any new product in the market. The customers are held at their priority, and the Company on discovering any issue in their product responds immediately and announces that a new update will be released in the coming months that will solve their issue regarding the same.

From the day it launched its Google Fit update for iOS, the customers have surely left several positive as well as negative criticisms for the new step count feature, as well as the user interface. Some customers have even complained that they liked the older version better and found it easier to use. On the other hand, there is another group of people that has supported the new update and have accepted it with open arms, claiming that it was a much-needed update.

The Google Company on being sent various emails, texts, phone, and messages have not responded immediately on whether they will make some more changes to the Google Fit, or will they bring back the older version. The Company has also not released any official statement on what they are working on next for their Google Fit users, and what their next update will be based on.

It will be safe to assume that the Google Company is awaiting the feedback that they will receive from the Android and iOS users, post their release to it, which will happen in the coming weeks. Google Fit is one of the most widely used devices that has changed the life of many, helping them to move into a healthy and fit life.

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