Google Fixes Gmail Spam Filters after Users Tweet Problems with it

Gmail has become a regular part of our lives, along with the spam filter, which is a significant feature of the service provided by Google. Unwanted messages from harmful or non-harmful sources can act as a hindrance while we work, especially at a time when many people around the globe have been working from home.

We have heavily relied on the spam filter in Gmail to ensure no unrecruited messages come our way. Most of us are not aware of how it works but surely will go ballistic if the feature stops working. Especially when work mails are already flooding our inbox, no one wants spam mails adding themselves onto the pile although many Gmail users have recently come across this frightening situation. 

Over the last few days, Gmail spam filters have stopped working, and many users have been getting additional spam mails right into their inbox. The issue doesn’t just end there, many users have reported a malfunction in their regular inboxes alongside getting spam mails. The filter that usually works well seems to have gone on strike for Gmail users, and Google has stated it was a bug that has now been fixed. 

In the past week, users across Europe especially have spoken on Twitter about the problems they had been facing. Although users weren’t only facing the problems in Europe, but also across many other regions. After Google had reported that they had fixed the bug that was causing the problem, the number of people tweeting about the same had reduced. 

Reddit is another platform where users were seen speaking on the issue with the Gmail spam filter. Many said that the filter was just working fine now, and they were not facing the problem anymore. On the other hand, many are still getting spam emails directly into their inbox even after Google mentioned that the fix was done. 

Google has posted updates on their G suite dashboard so users can update their service and avoid the disruption that has been causing problems. These updates also cater to users’ reports that they were experiencing delayed sending and receiving mails. It was understood at the time that this was another result of the problem that had switched off the spam filter. 

Another user reported that even though he wasn’t getting any spam mails in inbox which he also usually doesn’t, he had observed that mails that were supposed to go to the Updates folder are now going to the Primary folder straightway. It is believed to be another additional issue of the bug that has disrupted the lives of Gmail users.

The news of the fix came through a statement by a Google spokesperson and his words were, “We have identified and since fixed the issue of a small number of promotional emails and spam being incorrectly sent to users’ primary inboxes.” More had been mentioned in his statement where he states that accounts of Gmail users were protected despite the problem at hand.

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