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Google gives Thumbs-up to Businesses to Mark themselves as ‘Temporarily Closed.’

Google gives thumbs-up to businesses to mark themselves as ‘Temporarily Closed.’

The CEO of Google has truly worked diligently and has come up with new ideas and solutions to help not only suffering people but also business owners during the rising pandemic. The most hit and affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, other than the human population, are local businesses and shops. Therefore, Sundar Pichai announced that they would be coming up with a way where people can find which shops are open or closed to get their essential items on time.

Recently, the Tech Giant Google has added new instructions for business and local shop owners on its Google Maps. Now owners can go to their profile and mark it as ‘temporarily closed.’ It will show the shops as closed and also unavailable from searches.

It is a good way to keep people from wandering outside for longer, as now before venturing out to buy their essential needs. People can look into Google Maps and find out which stores are operating at this hour or are closed. It will make their venture out of the house, small and quick. At the time of a pandemic that spreads through human contact and air droplets, it has become a must for people to remain inside their house and quarantine themselves in it.

But the CEO of Google understands that this is not enough, as people need to go outside to buy food, grocery, and some other essential basic needs. So, as to put a stop on long hours spent on wandering around, the tech giant has come up with a perfect and much appreciative update on their Google Maps. 

People that use Google My Business can now go to their settings and find the ‘Close this business on Google.’ Before the update, there used to exist only two options, but now they have provided a third option, which is, “Mark as temporarily closed,” “Mark as permanently closed,” or “Remove Listing.” Before the announcement, as well as the changes made to their ‘Close this business on Google’ settings, Google relied on information provided by some government body or any authoritative legal source. They did not allow the owner of the business to mark themselves in it.

On the other hand, the feature is useful only as long as people are updating their businesses and stores as temporarily closed or open. However, the CEO further says that they are using an AI algorithm that will automatically ask business owners to update their store information to confirm whether they are closed or open, the timings at which it will be open, and a lot more. 

Not only this, but Google has also contributed a lot to the COVID-19 awareness campaigns as they have made sure to share information on how to wash and sanitize their hands regularly through their Google Doodle. They have also shared information about COVID-19 on YouTube and other Google Apps, so that users may know about the risk surrounding the situation and how to help stop the spread.

Companies like Google, Amazon, Flipkart, and Twitter were amongst the first that came up with the idea of work from home for their employees. The companies said that they value the health of their workers more than anything else, and will also provide paid leaves to employees that may fall sick to the COVID19 virus. They also pledged to provide financial aid to their employees to set up their offices at home.

The company has also become an active member of the consortium, started by the White House, led by IBM. The consortium will be in charge of gathering information related to the COVID-19 virus and will work on developing a vaccination or solution for it, with the help of IBM’s fast computing resources. Not only Google, but Amazon and Twitter are also a member of the consortium and will be donating information and resources related to COVID-19 to help stop the spread of the pandemic.

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