No more Tablets from Google! Pixel Slate could be the Last Google Tablet

Google Tablets are no more image

Earlier this year, we were informed from various reliable sources that Google is planning on making Chrome laptops and tablets and that they would soon confirm the news and even release the first look. But now, it seems like Google has some change of plans and we are not going to see any tablets from Google. The company itself has said that there won’t be any tablets from Google as reported by ComputerWorld and Business Insider.

Meanwhile, Google is focusing on producing laptops which means that there is a possibility that we might see Pixelbook 2 anytime soon. While the previous version of Pixelbook was amazing with all the features, excellent keyboard with both Chrome and Android, it is yet to be the view that whether the new Pixelbook would be as good as the original or not. The new one would certainly have a new design and some improvements that were known as shortcomings in the previous one and would certainly have an extra focus from Google’s hardware team.

No doubt other gadgets from Google had some hardware and software issues but none were as much as compared with that of the tablets produced by Google. As known in the market, “Google always sucked at tablets” which can be clearly seen from its previous tablets. Google had produced Nexus devices, Motorola Xoom and even the Pixel Slate but the tablets were certainly not up to the level of satisfaction, doesn’t matter they ran on Android or Chrome OS.

The Nexus 7 which was the first tablet ever was certainly one of the most memorable gadgets from Google as it was the first ever replica of using big phones. No doubt it was a tablet but gave the feeling of using a big phone. The Pixel C did not have a nice keyboard and even had some other issues. Each of the tablet by Google had some hardware problems which could have been solved but apart from that, the tablets even had software which failed to work on a screen as big as a tablet.

The details and the features on the Pixel Slate tablet no doubt shows the dedication and the hard work that the company doing so as to make the dream of having Android and Chrome tablets real but it needs more work. Meanwhile, it can be clearly seen that the company is not focusing on tablets for now. Google is shifting its focus on laptops and other existing gadgets so as to improve its marketing and sales.

We can see that the tablets in Google are not having a proper future as they are not in the priority list of the company. While other gadgets are getting more updates and improvements, tablets, on the other hand, have been kept aside for a while and now the news that the company won’t be having any new tablets for now, shows the company avoiding tablets. For now, the latest experiment of the company would be of producing laptops and we would be able to get more news on that by the end of the year. 

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