Google Intends to Curing the Pandemic Boredom with its Popular Doodle Games

With everyone stuck in a lockdown and finding ways and cures to fill their time, it has become difficult for the citizens all across the world to keep themselves occupied with one thing or the other. The governments all across the world are trying their best to help curb the spread of the coronavirus by imposing lockdowns that just keep on extending. Naturally, people that are used to leading a busy life are going to get bored. But Google has come up with a perfect solution for it. The company will now be displaying their best doodle game from the past every day on their search engine.

The Google Company has surely been trying their best to fight the ongoing pandemic while also addressing the well-being of its customers by bringing up something new every day. From the last many years, we have seen Google come up with various games that have been kept as archived in their Google Doodle Blog. With the current scenario of the world, where people are bored and stuck in a lockdown, Google will be running a 2 weeks series. It will start from the 27th of April, 2020, and will contain 10 most popular doodle games from the past every day that have impressed their users a lot.

The company released a statement that said, “As COVID-19 continues to impact communities around the world, people and families everywhere are spending more time at home. In light of this, we’re launching a throwback Doodle series looking back at some of our popular interactive Google Doodle games!”.


The first-ever game to be featured on their two weeks series goes back to 2017, and the game is called Coding for Carrots. The game was originally designed and developed to mark a tribute to the 50th anniversary of Logo. On the off chance, you have no idea what Logo is. It was one of the first programming languages that were developed to be used by children. 

The game, too, is very easy to play. All you have to do in it is to use your brain and create some unique combinations of commands. These commands will guide your rabbit to correct all the carrots from each level. It is a great time pass for kids and also a few adults that are interested in such games. In case your child shows a particular interest in the game, you can also choose to introduce them to Scratch. Scratch is a kid-oriented programming language that is very easy to learn and adapt to. The game is also loosely based on the concepts of Scratch.

Google intends on staggering the games out over a period of 10 days. The reason behind doing this is various games developed by Google in the past have had the option for multiplayer. Google Doodle also created a multiplayer game that was made as a tribute to the Mexican game called Loteria, with the concept being of the bingo game. The game allowed users to compete with people all across the world, along with friends and family. By the concept of staggering their games out for 10 days, Google wished upon drawing a different kind of players to their platform each day.

Not only this, but the Google Company has also made sure that they will be making Stadia free for almost two months for every user. And the company has also featured it on the official site if their company, where you will find the link to Stadia. This move by Google has made it very clear for us that the company believes that by promoting gaming amongst its users, it can make sure that people are not bored at their homes and are staying inside to save lives.

It is one of the most effective ways to encourage people and keep them involved in something or the other to reduce boredom.

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