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Google is Testing iMessage like Emoji Reaction Over RCS Chats

Google is testing iMessage like emoji reaction over RCS chats

Google is currently testing a number of emoji reactions over RCS chats. The program which is in its running phase will not be available to all but a select few. The information had first appeared on Reddit. Once this feature is given the nod, you will be able to use emojis in regular SMS type chats to express yourself better.

RCS has been the wise amalgam of SMS and other popular chatting and social media platforms like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Apple’s iMessage. The emojis are known to show a wide variety of reactions. The palette has a number of expressions starting from a laughing face to a sad one to a surprised and angry face and others like that.

The emojis also have the general thumbs up and thumbs down reactions as the first and foremost reaction expressions. Emojis have been an integral part of the chatting on platforms like Facebook Messenger, Twitter direct messages, and even Apple’s iMessage.

It should, however, be known that the emojis, if and when they are available, shall be seen over RCS messages and not over regular SMS. But, since you do not have the feature installed on your phone right now and someone that has it sends you a message, then you shall receive a simple message stating that an emoji had been used at that place. It sounds similar to what iMessage does with its green bubble users.

Google seems to be testing the feature with a tiny number of users as of now. Hopefully, that would be changing pretty soon. It is not clear whether the service could be checked by installing the latest beta version if someone is eager to take a look at the new feature beforehand. Hence, its being a prerequisite is not exactly true. Most probably, the testing given to some users might be a service side flag sought by Google.

If you want to use it, all you have got to do is to keep pressing the single message which you want to react on. Once the message is pressed for some time, automatically, a box appears suggesting you choose from the emojis provided. You could well be lured into expressing by a laughing face or an angry face or a thumbs up for that matter.

As we all know, text messages do not support group messaging, read receipts, or the animated stickers that we are so habitual of using while chatting on other apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat. Still, a vast number of people prefer to use SMS instead of those apps for normal conversation or client handlings. The number stands at 781 billion text messages sent every month in the US.

In a matter of just 160 characters, the SMS or the short message service poses a serious limitation. But with the RCS chat, all is starting to change for good. The chat has features like group chats, high-resolution images, video, audio, etc. As far as appearance and functioning are concerned, the RCS resembles a lot like iMessage and other app platforms. 

With the Rich Communication Services (RCS) protocol known popularly as chat, one can easily receive read receipts and get reflected whenever the other person is replying to his message in real-time.

Image source: The Verge

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