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Gallery Go; Lite version going to replace Google Photos

Google launches Gallery Go Image

With the ongoing trend of making “Lite” versions of the most used apps, Google has also started its own “Lite” version of various apps; the latest one being “Gallery Go.” Gallery Go is the lightweight version of Google Photos and hardly is of 10MB. Lite versions are on-trend because they would not only take less space but would even work at low internet speed,

Google had earlier made the “Lite” version in the OS level by creating “Android Go” that was designed to run on smartphones which lack powerful processing. The new app, called Gallery Go, is designed with the purpose of letting the users organize and edit their images and videos even if there is low internet speed. The app has similar features that Photos has, i.e. it would back up the photos and images, edit them and even create collages. The difference is that Gallery Go is less space-consuming than Photos and does not require high internet speed.

As per the news sources, The app is designed for the markets which are on the stage of developing like Nigeria, the place where Gallery Go was first announced, so as to help the developing marketspace up with the global markets and don’t miss out on anything. The app is of size 10Mb and is available in the Google Play Store. Users having Android 8.1 Oreo or higher can use the application on their devices.

Gallery Go has the feature of sorting the images into different folders based on people, places, pets and other categories, which can be found in Photos too. The app can also work with SD cards, allowing the user to backup important images in Gallery Go. The app also comes with varieties of editing tools such as filters, auto-brightness and many more.

Previously there have been various apps which have made the “Lite” versions so as to make it compatible for use even in poor network coverage. Facebook and Messenger were the first apps to have experimented in this area, followed by Instagram and Twitter. Google followed the footsteps and have created Android Go, as stated above, for the less expensive smartphones which lack a powerful processor.

Through the “Lite” version of the apps, it becomes easier for the user to connect and socialize even if the internet speed is not of a good level. Another advantage is that these apps do not consume more space on the device and neither do they require regular updates. While the actual apps require updates, which can consume a lot of space, one can easily use the “Lite” version of the app without worrying about space consumption.

Gallery Go can even work without any internet connection, making it more reliable that Google Photos, which requires a good internet connection to copy the photos and store them in Cloud. Gallery Go makes it easier to copy photos and videos without internet connection and that too in no time. Gallery Go is currently available globally and can be installed through Play Store, though some features might not be available in some of the countries. The app will come pre-installed on the Intel S15 and some of the selected A55 devices in the coming months. For now, you can backup your images in Gallery Go without any problem.

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