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Google Lens Adds a “Homework” Filter for Students

Google Lens Adds a “Homework” Filter for Students

Google has been an excellent help to students and parents as it has been providing them with many useful tools to make home-studying much simpler. Sometime in May, it introduced an augmented reality feature within the “Search” functionality that gave everyone a glimpse of detailed 3D anatomy models and cellular structures. And now, Google has come up with another useful feature. Reportedly, the tech giant has set out to help students with their maths equations and science problems by taking their photos with the aid of Google Lens.

Now, how does this work? Google Lens has introduced a “Homework” filter that helps students with their maths and science. The icon representing this filter resembles that of a graduation cap. This icon evokes the user to click a snapshot of the entire homework question. The viewfinder is rectangular in shape rather than square, which is apt for getting the complete maths problem or big questions within a single frame. 

Google Lens will focus on all the problems or questions in its sight, once the user taps on the capture button to click the photo. When the student selects a particular problem or an equation, he will get to see options such as “Copy text,” “Copy to a computer,” and “Edit math equation.”

Below these options is a “Steps to Solve” card, which again has many options like “Overview,” “Solve using the quadratic formula,” and “Solve by Factoring.” On selecting the “Overview” option, the student can see a summary of the problem. When he selects choices like “Solve using the quadratic formula” and “Solve by Factoring,” a step-by-step technique of solving the problem is displayed along with the final answer. 

The concept of this feature is to ensure that students get a complete understanding of the mathematical concepts that are difficult to understand. Google Lens Homework filter ensures students are thorough with these concepts so that applying them becomes simpler. 

When it comes to science questions, the Google Lens Homework filter can reach out to the Knowledge Panel cards, which has many figures and explanations related to the problem. Then, there are a lot more details provided about other important aspects and similar questions. According to Google, all of these characteristics “help improve comprehension and understanding of core topics.”

The tech giant is adapting the technology from the Socratic app that it purchased last year and relaunched it in February this year. This app is pretty useful for high school and college students. So far, Google has not made any comments about when it plans to roll out the Lens functionality; however, the Socratic app is available for iOS and Android users. 

Additionally, Google has also reported having included about 100 STEM-related 3D objects within the Search feature. These objects provide users with more insights into what it is. For instance, a user searching for “Quantum mechanical model” would be able to check upon a 3D atom model. 

Google’s Director of Program Management for Education, Jennifer Holland, has provided students with a few other helpful tools for students who have to remain at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic. A few of these tools include Read-Along, which could help kids with their reading. Then, there is Family Bell, which provides live captions with the aid of a smart speaker feature. The Family Bell functionality helps students with their online class schedule by announcing when one can take a break and resume classes again.

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