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Google Maps Plans to Add Features Offering Routes Connecting to Public Transportation

Google Maps plans to add features offering routes connecting to public transportation

Many are still working from home across the globe, and people are staying inside in light of the pandemic. Public transportation is not being used in major cities across the world because of the social distancing rules that have been put in force and the fear that is there in the minds of people. 

Although moving forward when it is finally safe to commute on the roads, Google maps would be coming up with some new features for daily commuters. The company’s new ideas would be coming in effect so regular commuters can ride easily when the world returns to their old normal. 

Jane Manchun, an app sleuth, has reported recently based on her discovery that Google has been exploring “connections to public transit” route options, which is a feature that would be covering transportation options for the first mile, like bikes, cars, rickshaws. The idea is to give directions to the users throughout the entire trip. One could have small stops on the trip or hop on the bus even on the way. Directions and details would be available at every step, though.

Another motive of Google that has also come out is that they might be offering accurate route data to third-party apps like Uber so that ride-sharing fares can be much more accurate. Users wouldn’t have to switch between apps to understand that if they should hail a cab or not, all these features would be included in Google maps itself. 

Earlier users generally checked the distance between two locations or other information that Google maps have to offer, but to check fares for the same the user would have to switch between cab service apps and Google maps to understand if the cab would be costlier or any other mode of transport would be better.

Having features that Google maps plan to introduce, can help reduce the time and decision-making effort put in by the user and make travelling rather smooth for all of us daily commuters. Regular office goers using public transportations would be benefitted the most from this.

What is not certain yet is that these exact features, as one would expect, would be rolled out by the company or not, or there would be significant changes in the entire app itself to implement the changes being talked of here. Although, users can surely expect similar additions to the app, if not the exact features. 

Many ride-sharing firms are already a step ahead of the combining of transportation modes in their apps so users can have a smoother experience. Hence, it would make sense for Google also maps to be able to facilitate the same.

Image source: 9to5Google

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