Google Maps to now allow users to follow Local Guides for dining with recommendations

Google Maps focusing on Local Guides Image

Google Maps, as we all know, is a very popular tool used by millions of people for various purposes. Every now and then, new features are added to Google Maps so that it can be of maximum use to those who make use of them. Now it has added another feather to its cap. Google Maps would be providing Local Guides along with recommendations. This means you can now dine at good restaurants with the help of the Local Guides given by Google Maps.

How would someone be able to view these local guides and recommendations? Well, the answer to this is quite simple. The local guides are displayed on the map itself. In order to view recommendations, one simply needs to tap on a particular local guide and check out what he or she recommends.

With this type of facility available with Google Maps, one need not worry when visiting a new place. One simply needs to follow the local guides out there listed on the map and find out what they recommend. Now, if all goes well, it would be very easy to locate good places to eat in a new place.

According to sources, out of 24,000 cities across the world, there are at least 120 million local guides who are posting continuous reviews or photographs with regards to the places visited by them. For example, Melvin John is a local guide in Bangalore who will provide all information and recommendations with respect to the city’s microbrewery information.

At present, this new feature is in a pilot phase. It is being tested and would soon be launched in nine cities across the world, namely- Delhi, Bangkok, London, Mexico City, New York City, Osaka, San Francisco, Paulo, and Tokyo.

However, like any new feature, this functionality could also take some time to perfectly guide a newcomer to a lovely dining place. All said and done; this would be an excellent feature. There is no need to rely on any random person’s star rating to have a family dinner. Rather, what could be better than following a local person’s recommendation to eat out.

The local guides are picked up and displayed on Google Maps based on how active they are on the platform. These guides keep on frequenting new places regularly and regularly post recommendations. This makes it much easier to rely on their recommendations.

Google had stated and confirmed this new feature for Google Maps in its support page on Saturday. When these local guides highlight new places along with photos, reviews, and ratings, it becomes very useful for those who are in need of the same. This new feature would make Google Maps a very useful tool.

Google Maps keeps on introducing new features to its tool. Just last month, it launched the incognito mode for Chrome, and very recently, just about last week, it released a feature that helps one control bus or her profile picture. Let us just hope that this new functionality, too, helps everyone in the best possible manner.

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