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Google Maps Updates, now Users can Enjoy Youtube Music while the App is in Navigation Mode

Google maps updates, now users can enjoy youtube music while the app is in navigation mode

Ever since the pandemic, online applications have been used vigorously every single day. They have seen a huge increase in their revenues. Especially the google apps are amongst some of the topmost used applications. Given that all these applications from google are free, they are being used to the most extent. To serve the consumers, ever-increasing demands google keeps bringing new updates to all its applications. Be it maps, meets, Duo, Gmail, or any other one.

The google app users, in particular, have been receiving huge amounts of updates on various google apps. The services and features are being availed gladly by the users since it is beneficial for them as well. Although these updates have been coming in nearly every week, there is no sign that Google will stop soon. These updates have undoubtedly made google apps one of the most worthy competitors for all the major or top applications in each of these app genres. 

Recently, Google has made an update to its Maps features. Youtube Music will now be added to google maps as well. It will allow users to playback some tunes while they are out and about. Now that the lockdown is finally lifted in a lot of places, and people have started to go out, google maps will be a lot of use. We will be able to set up youtube music as our default playback app as we move around trying to navigate our way back into society, post this lockdown. 

You can do this by going to the settings in the maps application, then click on navigation, inside navigation, you have to click on the sub-menu, and open media playback controls. After this, you have to set up your default media app as youtube music. Earlier, the google maps application only supported three media streaming services, which are google play music, Spotify, and apple music. You will be able to see youtube music as an option as well, given that you have installed the app on your phone.

When you start driving, you will be able to see a new floating button that will have the youtube music logo. When you tap on this button, you will get the playback controls for the music app at the bottom of the screen.

This combined user interface will now allow users to navigate around and also change their drive setting while simultaneously allowing them to manage their media playback settings as well. You will be able to pause, rewind, skip, and play, all on the same screen. Tappin on browse will give you a list of the last nine things that you searched on the app so that you do not have to open the whole application. You can do that if you want to, but it will not be necessary. This update will be a huge relief to many users who love to drive around with their favourite music playing.

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