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Google Meet is Going to be Free for all Gmail Account Users, Microsoft Working on Teams

Google Meet is going to be free for anyone having a Gmail account, Microsoft working on Teams

It is some good news, folks! Google is bringing its Google Meet for free for all users, which is expected to be available to people across the world starting from May. The only condition is that you should have a Gmail account, which seems like the easiest precondition. A total of 100 participants can take part at the same time in a virtual meeting. Meanwhile, Microsoft is working on Teams’ new features.

The most needed feature from Google, Google meet will be made free even if one is not a G suite customer. The option will be provided from as early as the first week of May. Thus, as May comes and people are still stranded across continents in their homes, work has to be done. Studies have to be continued, and there is no substitute for regular office work. Nothing among these can be done away with.

In such a situation, the need for a proper and secure platform grows manifold. After the global lockdown and the increasingly strict measures to enforce social distancing have been put in place, the demand for a reliable mediator as well as video-conferencing applications has increased.

Take the example of the Zoom app. The application had just about 10 million users in December of the previous year. After the lockdown was enforced across the world, and people got stuck in the confines of their homes, work from home became a necessity. It pushed the number of users of the Zoom app to above 300 million users. 

The app registered millions of new downloads on the app stores. In the process, the app made a significant number of rivals in the industry, the lot of which were amazed at the unprecedented level of user engagement and the growth of Zoom. But such a user engagement on mass scale came with several criticisms. The app developers were questioned about the lack of privacy as well.

It was said that the app compromised the safety of its users. A lot of information was said to be stored in servers located outside the country. Some reports observed that crucial information was being stored on China-based servers. It caused a stir in all quarters of users, but even after that, people have continued using the platform.

Continued user engagement is attributed to the application’s ease of operation and good capacity. It is a really powerful app that handles load well. On the contrary, its alternatives were mostly inefficient or could not accommodate users beyond a certain number.

The users can take the route of the application available on both iPhone and Android or simply use the website. Users can also access its services from Google Calendar while making utilization of real-time captions. The application is also decorated with an expanded tile view layout. 

The fee exemption could be continued till September end. After that, the meet will be limited to 60 minutes per session for free.

Meet video conferencing service was previously known as Hangouts Meet. It sees a record surge in demand, with around 100 million users on a daily basis. Even Microsoft is coming with new features in its Teams app for which it has reassigned engineers who are working at an increased pace. Last month, Microsoft announced its increase in Teams’ users. A bundle of some new features is planning to be realized later this year.

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