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Google Meet Tab Integrated with Gmail Seems to Occupy Unwanted Space

Google Meet tab integrated with Gmail seems to occupy unwanted space

With more and more people resorting to video conferencing, the Google Meet tab has been integrated along with Gmail. This functionality is rolling out today on Android devices. In case the user is unable to view the same on Gmail after the app has been updated, it is advisable to forcibly stop the app by making use of the “Force Stop” option available in the app settings and then restart the app. It is expected to be available on both personal as well as G Suite work accounts.

Last week, the Gmail integrated with Google Meet was available for iOS users. If not now, the “Meet” tab is expected to be completely available in the next 15 days. Apart from “Meet,” the “Mail” icon can also be seen in the bottom bar. Earlier, Google had notified about “Chat and Rooms” also coming to Gmail.

Google’s main goal behind integrating Meet with Gmail was that it wanted to join video meetings from one’s inbox easily. On the Gmail webpage, the Meet functionality is present in the form of a shortcut on the sidebar. On Android, one can see the “Meet” tab on the bottom of their screen. 

What does the “Meet” tab contain?

The “Meet” tab displays a “My Meetings” list. It would show all the upcoming calls. From this view, if the user taps on any “meet.google.com” URL, then he would get to know who is present in the call. It can be accessed from any third-party app or via email.

This screen will also note the user account through which the user is joining the calls. It would also be checking his video feed. This “Meet” experience within Gmail would most likely replace the standalone Google Meet app while opening a link. 

A big blue colored button with the text “New Meeting” provides the user with a meeting link that he can share with other users. Clicking on this button can also help a user start an instant meeting or schedule the meeting within Google Calendar. The user can also join a meeting with the help of a code.

How does the “Meet” tab integrate within Gmail look like?

So how does the “Meet” tab integrated with Gmail look like? By looking at the UI images, it seems like Meet is occupying about 10-20% of the inbox list UI. It also depends on the size of the display screen. From the looks of it, it seems like somehow. The Meet UI has been tried to be fitted within the Gmail UI. A few days back, Google had stated that it was ready for an open war with its videoconferencing rivals.

However, if one does not wish to witness the Meet tab within Gmail, the same can be disabled. The disabling feature has been provided so that if someone does not wish to use the “Meet” functionality very regularly, they can disable it and enable whenever required. 

Overall, it seems like all of this integration work has been done in a hurry. It is evident from the fact that an entire bottom tab bar was appended to Gmail just for including the “Meet” tab within the same. 

Google Meet app has become very popular of late, owing to the Covid-19 pandemic as most people are forced to work remotely, and with Google Meet, people can connect via video calls. Although Google Meet is trying its best to catch up with Zoom, again another video calling app, Google is trying its best to promote its “Meet” app. The user base of Google Meet, however, is pretty less as compared to Zoom. 

Sometimes, in May, Google offered free calls for everyone on “Meet” (up to an hour). During that time, many people used the Google Meet app due to a rapid increase in its installs. 

Although Google Duo offers video chatting functionality, Meet is more specific as it provides agenda-driven video conferencing. So, they differ a lot. However, Google still needs to work a lot so that both Duo and Meet develop further and provide much more to the users.

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