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Google Meet Updates its Tiled Layout, now one can see other Attendees and also Presentation

Google meet updates its tiled layout, now one can see other attendees even when someone is presenting

Google finally made some necessary user interface updates. It now allows users to see presentations and the other meeting participants simultaneously. Ever since the pandemic hit the countries across the world, a lot of the businesses and workings had to rely upon online methods to carry on. Google brought out its google meets application in April, for supporting video calls for multiple people.

In the beginning, the maximum number was 16 participants per meeting. The application had a tiled layout somewhat similar to zoom. Previously it allowed sharing of a single screen at a time, but now that has changed, and multiple screens can be shared at the same time. Just like zoom, you have the option to turn your audio and video off before starting the meet.

Mostly everything other than the essential services was running on with the help of online meetings. Somehow zoom came up as the topmost used application for video conferences and meetings amongst all this. Even though Skype had been the main goto for video conferences for years, suddenly every industry had turned to the zoom app for supporting their workings. There had been some news about the app being unsafe for meetings where confidential data to be discussed since anyone with a link could join the meetings. After a few updates, the app is currently working just fine. 

Google Meet very recently updated its application. After the new update, the app displays the presented screen in a larger tile and the attendees in smaller tiles at the bottom or on the right-hand side of the screen. This update, according to Google, will help the online meetings feel more in person when the participants will be able to view their co-attendees. Yet another good feature that they have added is the changing of the layout. The last layout that the user had selected will be the one to be used until the user himself chooses to change it.

Google has been regularly bringing out various updates for the google meets application ever since the lockdown. The main objective is to make it a worthy competitor of zoom as well as to provide for the needs of its users. Google has also made the app free to use. Unlike zoom, where you have to pay for a premium account which will provide you access to a lot better features and services than the free version, google meets is completely free.

You can avail all the features and services they have to offer, without paying anything. Although there is a catch here, the G suit users do have access to some of the better usage features and services, but other than those few services everything else is free, and anyone with a Gmail account can use it for their needs.

Image source: Engadget

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