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Google New Proactive Security: Not an Email but Direct Notification for Immediate Action

Google New Proactive Security: Not an email but direct notification for immediate action

If there is any security issue with your account then you will get a google alert instead of mail. If this critical alert pops up, there is something wrong happening with your account. The alert also specifies the accurate place where the activity happened like before.

Formerly these alerts are sent to the email under the name of a Google security team, but now they are created as a google notification so it won’t be overlooked. This new feature was introduced on Wednesday. Now, it became difficult for hackers to hoax the account. In their recent blog post, Google mentioned that they are protecting over 4 billion devices through safe browsing, 100million phishing attempts are blocked each day. And google play protect continuously scans over 100billion apps each day for any suspicious malware.

Google started this security alert notification back in 2015, but then the alert was an email, and we don’t know about the alert until you open the mail. Now you can get a direct notification to your google app so that people can engage in the actions within no time of receiving the alert. So the necessary repulsive action can be taken quickly through this new critical alert system. Google declared that these new alerts are spoofing resistant so users can trust the alerts and take immediate action on it. This critical alert system is available only on the iOS systems for now. It may be available on the android from early of next year.

Google is looking forward to introducing a guest mode for the google account, so it is easy to access the home appliances through the guest mode, and you can turn off the guest mode whenever you want. You can turn on the guest made with a simple voice command and establish the interactions between the smart home appliances. You can also delete any previous data in the home appliances through the simple voice command. Google also included answers to the most common questions in the home devices.

Barak Rothschild Shapira, a product manager in identity at Google, stated that “When we know there is something happening that requires your attention, we want to make this very clear to get your attention immediately. We use the patterns we have to create this critical sense of urgency in a consistent way across products.”


But what if we forgot our password and attempted to retrieve it. Does all these security features will make the task of retrieving or resetting the password more difficult or the worst impossible. Because forgetting passwords is the most common thing that happens to everyone, and we all are aware of getting a security alert whenever we are trying to reset the password. Few have faced the stoppage of account access for a few days during the authentication process. Hope these new critical alerts won’t make the password issues more worse for the forgetful persons.

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