Google Pauses Android Q Beta 4 Update because of bootloop issue

Google Android Q Beta 4 Image

Google announced Android Q Beta 4 on Wednesday but within a day the company was forced to pause the rollout. Unfortunately, some of the Pixel Users who have downloaded and installed the OTA Update faced issues. Their Phones Boot looped and went into the constant reset state. Google is about to fix this issue before re-releasing the Update.

Some People believed that factory reset can fix things even when there is a chance of data being erased on the handset. People are either facing boot looping problem or their device is never finishing the boot after running Beta 4 update. Some of them are saying the issue is resolving itself while others are not so fortunate enough.

Pixel 2XL Owners are the Users to experience the boot looping problem. It’s a dishonor for Google which is well known for running as a reliable program for years. It is ironic because Google has been working on how Android Updates Work. Google uses a method namely A/B System Updates which works same as the Chrome OS.

Google updated a post on Reddit regarding the Pausing of Android Q Beta 4 Updates. Moreover, Google stated that “We’re aware of an issue with Android Q Beta 4 related to installing updates. We’ve temporarily paused Beta 4 OTA updates to all Pixel devices as we investigate the issue. We apologize for any inconvenience, and will provide an update once the issue is resolved”.

If a New OS comes in it will be installed in a separate partition. As and when the Phone resets, the new update is checked and if everything is okay it switches over. If it is not the Case it remains in the older good version of OS. Safety Net failed for this Beta Update.

Though Beta appears on your phone and you not yet installed, then hold on for a while. If you have already installed, Android Central provided a few steps to recover your phone. However, it may include a factory reset and this is the reason why you should not install a beta build of software on your primary phone. It is recommended to wait until Google Fixes these Issues.

If you are facing problems there are few things to do. Users can reboot the Phone forcibly by holding the Power Button until the phone turns off. You can even get the recovery by holding the Power Button until it turns on and also by pressing the volume high button once.

On Pressing the Power Button and Volume high Button you should get recovery interface which comes with an Option to reboot the device. Android Central also states that if you are in this situation all you need to do is probably wait for a while and the device will finish up within this time.

The Purpose of Beta Release is to find out the bugs and fix them before the final software version release. And if you are about to test Android Q even before its launch this summer do keep a back up of your data before you install. So, you will not lose any data if anything similar to it happens.

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