Google Photos revamped feature allows users to manual face tag people and pets

Google Photos is back with its face recognition feature, but it is even better. A few years back, Google had a feature that could detect a face in a picture and tag the person whose face was detected. The feature disappeared in 2015 when Google separated Google +.

With the release of the revamped version of the feature, users are now able to manually tag the person which the face belongs to. The feature is based on Google’s face detection algorithm. It is no doubt that the feature by Google is amazing, but sometimes even Google face problems while detecting faces, especially when the picture is blurred, or the face is turned away from the camera.

Google overcame the problem by simply giving the users to edit, name or add a tag manually. With a pro comes a con. The downside to the feature is that users can not point to any area in the picture and add a tag. Unless Google does not recognize the face of a human or pet users can not use the manual feature.

According to a report by Android Police, it does not matter whether the person in the picture already has a Google account or if the person is completely new with no grouped pictures, users have the full independence to add a tag, name or edit the tag manually.

Now talking about privacy, Google has made sure that the feature does not cause a leak of information for anyone. Google automatically scans users’ pictures only if they have the ‘face grouping’ feature turned on. Google also forms models of user’s faces to train Google AI. However, Google refrains from using these models to detect faces of people if the picture is uploaded on someone else’s account. Thus, Google does not share information about users among different accounts. Also, users have the option to have the models based on their faces removed from Google. All they have to do is turn the ‘face grouping’ feature off.

After all these pros and some cons, the question is how to access the feature. All you need to do is open Google photos and find a picture with a person or a pet in it. Once you have a picture, just swipe up and tap the overflow key on the top right corner. What you will find next is an update EXIF panel with people section and avatar of people who are already recognized by Google. Tap the edit icon or the pen symbol under the people section, and you will be able to edit a tag, add a name, or add a tag.

If you are somehow not able to locate the people section, then don’t fuss as the feature may not be available to you yet. Google has said that they plan on making the feature available slowly and not at once to all.

Manual face tagging is not the only feature Google has introduced to make their services more attractive. Sometime back, Google Photos also added a feature known as memories. With Instagram stories like interface, the feature features your old pictures for you to reminisce. Another feature that was introduced earlier this month was a bare-one video editor for Google Photos.

Image source: Verge

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