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Google Pixel 4 Refurbished with ‘Eyes Open’ Update for Face Unlock

Google Pixel 4 refurbished with ‘Eyes Open’ update for face unlock

Face unlock is one of the latest technologies in mobile tech and has been accepted graciously by all the users worldwide. The first company to come up with it was obviously, Apple. But soon, Google, too, launched a range of its phones that had the ‘face unlock’ in it. Recently, it has come to news that Google has updated its Pixel 4 mobile phones and have asked users to update it. This new update requires the user to keep his or her eyes open for the face unlock to work.

This update is not new to the mobile world, as Apple already had it since the year 2017. So, it’s a bit of a surprise that it took Google almost 3 years to come up with the ‘eyes open’ feature. The update in the Pixel 4 will introduce users with a ‘require eyes to be open’ option that you can easily turn on or off through your security settings. 

By default, this setting will be kept on to increase the level of security provided to your phone. But in case you are someone who does not wish to use this setting can easily turn it off from the face unlock settings.

When the Google Pixel 4 was released, the mobile received a lot of backlash and criticism as most customers felt that the lack of security and features in the device is certainly not worth the price. The mobile device didn’t have the ‘open eye detection’ feature, which is a must for every device to provide the user with security. In case a mobile does not have that, anybody can access your phone while you are asleep or unaware of it. It is a major security blunder.

But in October 2019, the company assured its customers that they are working diligently on the new update and will soon roll out the open eye detection feature in a few months. But apparently, Google took more than just a few months to come up with the update. Still, most customers have said, ‘it’s better late than never.’ 

On the other hand, the Apple Company is quite advanced in this area and has this feature already installed in the iPhone X when it was launched in the year of 2017. This feature not only requires the user to keep his eyes open to unlock the phone, but it also requires the user to look directly into the phone or pad to unlock it. 

The Google Company may have taken a long time to come up with this update, but the durability of their phones, as well as the reliability, is still unmatched. For people who are more into Android rather than iOS, Google Pixel 4 are the best devices that you can get at such a good range. The sleek and shiny body, along with a high powered camera for both front and back, is what makes this device the most unique.

On release, Google Pixel 4 had some more blunders than just the security issue. People complained about the issues related to the Bluetooth audio being dropped now and then while a user is on a call. There also was the issue of how the keyboard lagged while using some apps on the phone, causing the device to force shut those apps.

The company on their new update has fixed both of the above issues and are still trying to find more issues in the feedback received on their first launch of the mobile. Hopefully, the company will work on resolving them as well and will soon release a follow-up update. 

After their new update, customers have surely praised the bug fixes as well as the ‘open eye detection’ setting that many customers were requesting in their feedback provided to the company. What else Google has under their bag for their customers is still unknown as the company has not released any further statement on it.

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