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Google Pixel 4 won’t get RCS Messaging support on Verizon and T-Mobile

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Pixel 4 won’t be supporting RCS messaging on Verizon and T- Mobile at its launch next week. Google Pixel 4 laid backs have dropped yet another surprise on Pixel fans before its launch. Pixel 4 is already lacking its silver lining, for it won’t be giving the very perk of owning a pixel that is, ‘Unlimited photo storage at original quality’. Yet guess, it just wasn’t enough to shake the crowd off, waiting for its launch. Recently, the company even faced the issue on Pixel 4 Face unlock flaw.

Verizon and T-Mobile are some of the big telecommunication companies of the United States. Verizon and T-Mobile both confirmed in twitter that Pixel 4 wouldn’t support RCS messaging. Google’s past creation Pixel 3 supported the RCS messaging, although it didn’t happen at its launch, it did after a couple of months after its launch. And Pixel 3 was its inaugural device too!

So, now some of you are maybe wondering, what is this RCS messaging exactly? Well, allow me to enlighten you! RCS messaging stands for ‘Rich communication services’.

Unlike your pal messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp etc. The default text messaging app is a pain in the ass, right! They depend on your cellular connection and doesn’t allow more than 160 character message, even with all these faults and limitations, 97% of smartphone users send the text through it. Although unbelievable, still ironically the fact that we have to face.

And to make this mode of communication more valuable and competitive with the messaging apps, smartphone manufacturers and carriers teamed up with the government cell phone bodies to develop a modern take on texting that combines the best of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and iMessage into one platform. To be more precise created a new generation text practice known as Rich communication System aka RCS messaging.

Yup, right! This feature won’t be supported in Google Pixel 4. And just a pop-up, Verizon and T-Mobile are one of those big telecommunication companies of United States that provide this service and since the rollout of RCS messaging been a complete mess, ever since in 2018 Google settled on RCS to give it a push. But there wasn’t much of any movement over the period.

For good or bad, Google took things in its hand; it said that it would force the change on its carrier partners earlier this year, although it hasn’t happened yet in the United States. So, can this be the change that Google been talking about? Well, it can be and can be not.

But Verizon responded on Twitter, “Ouch! We are so sorry to have contributed to this confusion. You are so right, the Pixel 3(by Google) does support RCS, as does Samsung’s S9. The Pixel 4 (also by Google, not Samsung) will not yet be RCS supported by VZ at launch. We will not let you know if anything changes! ^KAD.”

T-Mobile responded on Twitter to one of its user clarifying off the same confusion, “Hey there, Thomas. Great question! The new T-Mobile Pixels do not support RCS this time. DM us with additional questions. Thanks!”

From both the responses, it seems that there’s still some probability that Verizon and T-Mobile would support RCS on Pixel 4 in the future. But neither Company has confirmed it yet, which has left clouds of uncertainty over the Pixel users.

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