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Google Play Adds a New Kids Section with Teacher Approved Applications

Google Play Adds a New Kids Section with Teacher Approved Applications

With the ongoing pandemic at its peak, where people are living life in quarantine, children are also the ones with the most to suffer. Schools being closed, kids are spending more and more time at home, and to spend their time, they have started using mobile phones and tablets extensively. Keeping this in mind, the Google Company has come up with a solution that will surely be beneficial to every kid out there, along with their parents. Google Play has added a new section called ”Kids Tab” on their app store, which comes with apps that have been approved by teachers.

There are various factors based on which the apps have been approved, such as age-appropriateness, quality of content, experience and the learning enrichment that a child will receive from that app. The reviews by the teachers are available in the app store, and a parent before downloading the app can quickly and easily go through the reviews and decide if it is appropriate for their children. 

Not only this, but the Company has also introduced a new badge called ”Teacher Approved”. This badge will be visible for apps even if you are not searching for it in the kid’s kids’ tab. The Company has been working with teachers from the past few years to curate apps and collect reviews about them based on how fun and educationally enriched the content of the apps are. Based on that, the Google Company consulted the teachers and educational professionals from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education and Georgetown University.

Google released this news in one of their blog posts, which stated, “We trust teachers to enrich our kids while they’re in school, and we’re grateful they’ve shared their expertise to rate the apps kids use when they’re not in school as well.”


The Company was aiming to release the new Kids Tab later next year with some more extensive research, development and changes. But looking at the current scenario of the world, the Company has decided to release it early. The new feature will be available today. The Google Company says that they received massive positive feedback for their new feature and found the current world situation to be the best time to release it. 

The Company also says that they are adding content to the new kids ‘kids’ app tab as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, you may also not be able to see some of your favourite apps in that tab, but there is nothing to worry about as the apps will still be available in some other tab with the ”teacher-approved” badge. Apart from the basic ”About App’ information, there will also be some important data mentioned such as the age for which the app will be the most appropriate, the type and the educational value of it, along with some positive message.

This new update will be available for users belonging to the United States from today itself. Whereas, the Company will soon start rolling out this update to other countries slowly in the coming months. 

Google Play Store already has various kid-friendly apps that will help keep your kid engaged, along with educating him with all the necessary information. The apps have been created in such a way that makes it loved by kids. These apps have been made under proper guidance and with a good strategy to create maximum impact without making education seem boring to the children.

The apps are also supposed to be very interactive, where a child can choose what he or she wants to learn. They can keep the child engaged with creative songs, music and some games to play around once in a while. Parents can go through these apps, by the screenshots and intro video provided, or you can simply choose to refer to the reviews provided by the educational experts in the app about information. It will give you a clear insight in deciding if the app is appropriate for your child or not.

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