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Google Play Reportedly to Provide Free Movies with ads to its Users

Google Play reportedly to provide free movies with ads to its users

With the pandemic on the rise, Google Play Movies have some tricks in its bag that will bring a smile on the face of many of its customers. In a rundown, done by the XDA developers, it has been revealed that Google Play Movies are planning on making some changes to their app and provide some free movies with ads. It has come in light of the fact that people all over the world are quarantined to their homes and wishing to save some money, without having to spend it on movies. 

Therefore, to provide customers with their regular amount of thrill and joy while at home amid the coronavirus pandemic, Google Play will surely be pulling a lot of strings to make it happen. Another string of information provided by the XDA developers on the matter says that it won’t only be just one or two movies that will be made free by Google Play but almost a hundred movies that will be made available in place of some ads. 

The new development in Google Play is not very surprising, as both YouTube and Google Play are closely integrated. And if you are a prone YouTube user, you might have noticed that the app does provide free flicks for some ads once in a while. The flicks may not be hundred in number, but it still does. 

The only question arising from the situation is whether Google Play will provide A-list movies for free to its customers or will it be like YouTube that constantly provided B or C grade movies that have failed to create a magic on the theatres. 

According to Yooj, teardowns are not a reliable source of information. They only mean that some idea or solution or an update is being considered or are being worked on. Teardowns such as by XDA developers are not guaranteed proof that such an update will be there on the app in the coming future, as the idea can be dropped or another feature can be proposed instead of it. 

Therefore, until the company makes an official announcement about the release of a hundred movies for free ads on Google Play Movies, the news is not reliable and not to be trusted upon. There have only been a few 50 to 60% of cases reported such, that have been developed and released.

Google, on the other hand, is trying its best to reduce the gap between people through their various connectivity apps and launches. The company has made sure to spread awareness about the disease amongst its users, and has also provided its customers with several new apps on the Google Play Store that will help and abet them for work from home, or to be connected with their family, or even keep themselves entertained.

The company also recently launched a new updated version of settings for its Google Maps that will allow local shops and business owners to mark themselves as ‘temporarily closed.’ The update was much needed, as it will save the time of the people from wandering around outside for too long, trying to find a store open to get their essential needs. Now users can quickly open the app, check which stores are open, and access it directly within a short span of time. It will help stop the spread of the virus and will also put the people at less risk of getting the virus.
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