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Google Prepares its Chips for Pixel Phones and Chromebooks

Google prepares its chips for Pixel phones and Chromebooks

Google has made appreciable strides in the way of making its own processors. The company is reportedly making its chips that will be used in its Pixel phones and Chromebooks. The chip is one of the most important elements inside a smartphone or Chromebook. Though it does not even measure an inch, it determines all the capabilities of the device.

The crucial component of devices, the chip decides the speed and battery life of the devices in which it is installed. Historically, it was the major manufacturer Qualcomm that provided processors to Google and many other companies. Google has been using Qualcomm’s services for many of its high-end phones, which includes the Pixel phones as well.

The chip has been given the name, Whitechapel which is the title given to it as a code name. The chip has been designed in partnership with Samsung. The electronics’ behemoth Samsung is known to be a frontrunner in the race of having the best technology for making chips for use in phones. The company is already blessed with its own 5-nanometer technology that finds immensely useful usage.

This technology is going to be used to make the chips, as per a source that is accustomed to the inside knowledge of this important development. It should be known that Google’s biggest rival, Apple, makes its chips. Apple has already set the bar high. Thus, it was the opportune time that Google too collaborated with Samsung towards making its very own iPhone chips. Not just this, this partnership would lead to Google making its own Exynos processors.

It was just recently that the brand had got its first version of the said chip. However, the chips prepared by Google in close association with Samsung are not going to be ready to Pixel phones until next year. Finally, it is expected that Google will also be able to provide for its need of chips in its Chromebook segment. But, that seems very far. 

As per one trusted source, efforts are being made in the direction of securing the “always-on” feature of Google Assistant. Right now, we know that a good amount of progress has been achieved.

The chip is going to contain an octa-core ARM processor in addition to including the hardware, which is especially suited for the powerful machine learning technology of Google. It will also be able to use that. A part of the Whitechapel will also be reserved for enhancing the performance of the phone. Pixel will include image processing abilities as well through the use of its chips. Experts from Apple and Intel have partnered to realise the same.

Though Apple was a pioneer in making its own chips, many companies are gradually moving in this direction, mostly because it allows them greater control on deciding the cost. There can be no better cost-effective model as an alternative to this.

The Pixels carrying Google’s chips and processor should be a reality very soon. It is expected that they would hit the markets by the start of the next year.

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