Google redesigning its News Tab: More priority for Headlines and Publisher names

Google has tweeted about its latest feature. The company is improvising its News tab so as to make it simpler and display the main things that the user wants to know. There would be a new design for the tab along with the importance to the headlines of the news and the publisher names.

The new improvised tab would show the News in a card format instead of a list so that the headlines and the publisher’s name would have the first preference. The news tab would also group stories so that when a broader topic is being searched by the user, there would be different areas of coverage through which the user would be able to say the difference and get the required information.

Google being known as a search engine has not paid much attention to the changing News and updates. Though this new feature might appear small but it is a big effort for the company from its side. It might be noticed that this feature is being added to the News tab of and not for the Google News app. The new feature also has the “People also searched for” so as to make it easier for the user to get some information.

To make the News section more efficient, Google has collaborated with local news orgs, has invented ways so as to make it easier for the users to subscribe to their favorite publishers, has found ways to remove the fake news made by certain sites to create havoc and, as it is already known, has launched its own news app called Google News with AI features.

This new feature of displaying the News headlines in a card format makes it comfortable for the users to read the News and get to know the gist of the content from the headlines itself rather than going through the whole article. Through this, one can decide which News is important to read and which can be avoided. This helps the users to save time by choosing the important stuff to read.

Google has already improvised its News tabs for the benefits of the user. The News section would now have all the updated news about all the topics. The importance given to the publisher names can also be noticed in the feature. Through this, not only would the publisher have its recognition but even the users would be able to know on which publisher they should rely on for the absolute News.

While there are many sites that are known for displaying fake news based on certain rumors, Google tries to avoid showing such News to its users. The News appearing on the search engine is from reliable sources upon which one can trust. Google News, which has been recently launched, is already gaining more followers for the useful and true News that the app is providing to its users. While the world is busy 24*7 not allowing human beings to even read a newspaper peacefully, Google is trying to provide the people with News from all around the world in their smartphones itself.

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