Google to launch its largest display Nest Hub Max on September 9th

Google announced that it’s largest smart display device is going to launch on September 9th this year in the United States, UK, and Australia. This announcement came through one of Google’s support page. The device would have a 10- inch display which is bigger than any of the Google existing device. 

Google also announced that it is going to rebrand its smart home devices under the ‘ Nest’ name at Google I/O. The cost of the device is estimated to be $229 which would have a 10 inch HD display that would be bigger than any of its existing Nest Hub device. Some of the features that are included in the Max hub is automatic adjusting of the screen’s white balance which would look like you are watching a picture that is printed on paper and not the screen. In addition to that, it will enable you to watch YouTube, connect TV from YouTube TV and you can control your smart home gadgets with the hub.

The new Nest Hub Max has a camera for a video chat too. The alternative use of the camera is that it can act as a security camera similar to Nest cam whenever you are away from home. It also has woofer with stereo speakers, features built-in Chromecast and recognizes face to show relevant information. 

You will also be able to operate the Nest Hub Max with gestures like if you hold up your hand, you can play and pause music. The Nest Hub is also made available in other places like Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden other than the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. So people over there can finally get their new Nest Hub device officially.

Google might have wanted to keep the release date under covers as it removed the ‘09.09.19’ from the support page and put a ‘Coming soon’. But the gadget enthusiasts or news blogs can barely keep their excitement and released all of the information on the internet with a screen capture of Google’s support page declaration. 

The Google Nest Hub Max is best suited for the use in the kitchen and is so much better than the earlier model. The smart device also allows the user to run the Google Assistant-focussed software as all other nest hubs smart display. 

Before and after the Nest was acquired by Google, it received quite a competition from Amazon’s Alexa with all the voice assistance perks. Google and Nest faced many problems and decided to bring together a device that could be of a great competition of the Alexa. It was then when it came up with the Nest Hub series smart devices.

Rishi Chandra, the vice president of product at Google who is also now given the charge of all Nest and smart home products, said “Every decade, there’s a big computing shift,” and “Twenty years ago, it was the transition to web. Ten years ago or 12 years ago, it was the transition to mobile. And now, we think we’re in the third stage, which is AI or ambient computing.” adding to which he said.


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