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Google Revokes Android Licenses from TV Makers Partnering with Amazon

TV Makers Partnering with Amazon will result in Google Revoking their Android Licenses

The Protocol has reported that Google is currently planning on revoking Android Licenses from TV Makers that are willing to make devices that are running some forked version of the original operating system. It also includes the Amazon Fire TV. According to Google’s licensing terms, TV makers that do not have the original operating system will no longer be allowed to run the Play Store and any Google apps on the devices they make. These devices can be a phone as well as tablet.

The Android Compatibility Commitment is a policy that clearly states every device that wishes to run the Play Store must have an Android version that is approved by Google and compatible. This policy means that if TV Makers wish to give access to the Play Store to their customers on their TV, they cannot make TVs that are installed with some other operating system. Amazon Fire TV is one of those companies that have been using a forked version of the original operating system and also choosing to provide Play Store access to its customers.

Due to this policy, Google has already barred some of its partners from working with rival companies such as Amazon Smart Home.

This policy can be disastrous for companies like Samsung and LG that have an android operating system on their phones. In case these companies choose to go for Amazon Fire TV to be their operating system on their TVs, the Google Company will bar them from using or putting the Play Store Apps and other Google Apps on their phones and tablets as well. The result can be devastating for both of these companies. Without Play Store apps, the phones are surely going to become less popular amongst users and have a great impact on its market sales.

On asked by The Verge, whether Google has barred TV makers on offering Fire TV and Android, both in one in their product sales, the company denied to answer that. The company, although mentioned, that devices that have Android TV in them, with services like Google Play Store and Google Apps, go through a touch scrutinizing process where they check for security and if any of the components in the TV violates user data privacy.

They also stated that Google aims to provide consistent and secure user experience to their customers with authenticated versions of its operating system. Apps and devices may not work consistently or as expected if it has a version that has not gone through the company’s compatibility testing procedure.

On the other hand, it is neither Android TV nor Amazon Fire TV that made the maximum sales in TV OS adoption. Both of these tech giant companies are facing an uphill battle with Roku OS that has reportedly been adopted the most with the maximum sales in Smart home TV. According to statistics, Roku streaming devices were sold for over 30 percent in the US, for the first quarter of last year. Over the same period, Amazon’s Fire TV was sold for only 12 percent, and Android TV has been lagging very behind by only a share of 9%.

From this Strategy Analytics report, it has become quite clear that Google may be keeping TV makers from incorporating Amazon Fire TV in it. Still, both Amazon and Google have a long way to go to overtake the Roku TV OS.

Smart TVs have taken the market by storm. With its latest technology, the tv viewing experience is now not only restricted to changing and tuning the channels. You can now also access, manage, and connect your TV to a network-based media and stream online. A Smart TV will connect itself to an existing broadband or Wi-Fi plan at your home or office and will display an on-screen menu to you. Using a smart Tv is very similar to how you use your smartphone. You have apps to view channels and specific programs. You can even watch NetFlix on it by streaming it online.

There are various platforms for TV Makers through which they provide you with the apps to use on your Smart TV. The leading platform is the Roku TV that you can find from brands like Insignia, Hitachi, TCL, and Philips. Companies like Google and Amazon also provide OS like Android TV and Amazon Fire TV. The main benefit of having a smart TV at your home is that you do not require a TV antenna for it.

Image Source: The Verge

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