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Google Starts Listing all COVID-19 Testing Centers in its Search Results

Google starts listing all COVID-19 testing centers in its search results

There is no doubt that Google has taken a massive lead in trying to spread awareness about the current health crisis coronavirus pandemic all across the world. Every day the company comes up with one way or the other to help its users as well as employees to fight the virus in the most reasonable way. Recently, the Google Company has come up with a new update to their search results in their search engine. A person searching for anything related to the term ‘COVID-19’ will find results that will display information about all the nearest testing centers.

The results will consist of more than 2000 test centers across the 43 states of the US. A person can go and get himself tested whenever he feels like it, as the results will contain every single detail about the COVID-19 testing center. This news was revealed by Google while talking to The Verge.

But that is not all that the company has come up with. There are several other changes included in the new update. Whenever a user searches for information related to the ‘COVID-19’, a new tab will be displayed in the search results called the ‘Testing’ tab. This tab will be a part of the information that will be displayed by Google every time you search for coronavirus and is also a part of the COVID-19 SOS alert. On the off chance that you click on the tab, the platform will show you a list of resources related to the virus along with information on testing centers.

The search results will also provide you with a link to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), which is an online interface for users to check COVID-19 symptoms. Other information that will be displayed includes a link to a healthcare official or provider in case you feel like you have the coronavirus symptoms and need to be tested immediately. Another link will be provided that will show details about the local health authorities that are available for COVID-19 testing. 

Another important information that will be displayed by Google is a note to oneself. The company asks people to get a call ahead to the testing center, to ensure that they get themselves duly tested and within time.

This testing tab will show users information related to all the testing centres as long as you belong to any province that is not in Connecticut, Missouri, Maine, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Oregon. The reason behind this is because Google has been allowed to display information about testing centres are approved for publishing and legalized by authenticated health authorities. Because of this, the company is able to list only one testing center for the people of Albany in the state of New York. But the company says that people can expect some more listings by the end of this month.

The list of the testing centres that will be displayed to you will very much depend upon your location and the number of local testing centres available right there which are legal and authenticated. That is the reason why Google is currently only displaying results that pertain to local information. According to a source document that has been released by Google, that information related to the testing centres come directly from various government agencies, healthcare institutions and some public health departments.

Not only this, but Google had also released a website in the month of March, which provided information related to the COVID-19. Following suit, the sister company of Google called Verily, also launched a website and started providing free testing to people belonging to some parts of California, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. 

Google is not the only company that has taken such a lead and making efforts towards providing reliable information to the people. Apple has come up with a website too that will be available to healthcare providers where they can submit various information related to the coronavirus testing, and lab centers. The information will be used to mark those places as testing sites in the Apple Maps.

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