Google introduces .new shortcut to rest of the sites like Spotify, eBay, and more

Google brings .new shortcut to other sites image

According to the latest updates, Google is all set to bring .new shortcuts to all the remaining sites on the web. Google had previously introduced this .new shortcut in services like Google Docs, Google calendar, etc. These shortcuts helped the users to start a specific task easily.

Individual sites can register their shortcuts, just like registering a new domain. The service is currently being used by sites like Spotify, eBay, Medium, and some other mainstream sites. Sites can register for the .new domains to give quick access to the queries of their users.

Google had recently published a list of .new domains registered by the companies. Spotify has secured, which lets the user create their new playlist quickly, avoiding all those browsing-finding options and inner headings. eBay had claimed to give their users easy access to the selling window. Sites like Medium, Bitly, Coda, Canva, Runkit, Ovo Sound, WebEx, and Stripe have also registered their own shortcuts.

Google has announced that any sites can register a .new shortcut for them by applying for it. The time for application of .new shortcuts starts from 2nd December 2019 and will be open till 14th January 2020. Later in January 2020, .new shortcuts will be made available to register for anyone without the need of the application. The pricing range for a .new shortcut will vary for each company, according to the registering partner through which they register the shortcut.

However, the sites will have to follow Google’s policies to avoid suspension or deleting their .new shortcuts. The Google policies state that the sites should directly lead the customer to the mentioned tasks or actions, or the domain will face suspension or such actions from Google’s side.

The .new shortcut is not gaining much popularity among users for now, since it has more impractical sides to it. For instance, if a user wanted to create or shorten a new link through Bitly, the shortcut will not directly let you create a link. When we go to, a signup or signin box will appear, prompting the user to sign up to Bitly, in order to perform the action. This could be a turn off for the widespread usage of .new shortcuts.

As per the news, Google announced that the first set of .new shortcuts for the registering sites would be available by January 2020. The .new shortcuts will be a great way to save users time if used properly. The sites which require a user to sign up to perform an action should make a temporary tab available. This can help the user to experience the service before signing up. The prompt for sign in or sign up can be given at the end of the task. This user-friendly shortcut is all set to give new definitions to shortcuts over the web.

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